2015 Books and 2016 Considerations


This week is crazy with Christmas prep BUT I just saw Haley’s post about books and earlier this week Goodreads did a “See your year in books!” thing with streamers and confetti and junk AND ANYWAY I decided right now was the perfect moment to continue procrastinating on wrapping presents and share my favorite books […]


Lessons from Kristin Lavransdatter


Literary nerds, these takes are for you! I finished up Kristin Lavransdatter last week and I cannot stop thinking about it. I can’t decide if it’s my favorite book ever (vs Anna Karenina) or not. Plus I keep picturing Tom Hiddleston as Erlend, which makes it even harder for me to figure out whether or not I’m […]


Books I Read Between All The Crazy Moments in My Life


In the ongoing need to organize and analyze every aspect of my life to the point of madness, I’m scanning my Goodreads account and linking up with Haley and Anne because otherwise how will I remember all my favorite books of 2013??? Must. blog. minutiae. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families, Stephen Covey I […]