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#31DaysofMary Stops in China, Plus Updates On The Boys

May is always a crazy month. October is also a crazy month, but I seem to always remember that. The constant running around that is May, always sneaks up on me. I’ll document a bit of the madness for posterity and be sure to share a new Marian title in the process. I am a Read More

#31DaysofMary: Our Lady of Africa

Our Lady of Africa Title given to a miraculous bronze statue of Our Lady, housed in the Basilique Notre Dame d’Afrique in Algiers, Algeria In the time of Constantine, northern Africa was Christianized along with the rest of the Roman Empire. St. Augustine was from this area. In time, this land fell under Muslim control and it Read More

#31DaysofMary: Our Lady of Altotting

Our Lady of Altotting (sometimes spelled Altoetting) Miraculous Black Madonna statue placed in the Chapel of Grace, Altotting, Germany in 1330 The Chapel of Grace in Altotting, marks the spot where St. Rupert baptized the first Christian Duke of Bavaria. An octogonal baptismal chapel was built to commemorate the event. Although the original chapel was destroyed, the Read More

#31DaysofMary: Our Lady of Mariazell

Our Lady of Mariazell, Austria In 1157 Our Lady dramatically answered the prayer of a Benedictine monk named Magnus by splitting a huge rock formation in two. While walking through the forest of what’s now Austria, a Benedictine monk named Magnus sought the perfect location for his hermitage. He came upon a rock formation too Read More

#31DaysofMary: Our Lady of Le Puy en Velay

Our Lady of Le Puy en Velay Apparition which appeared twice in Haute-Loire, France Around 250, Our Lady appeared to a sick, recently converted Christian woman in Velay, now part of modern France, and told her to visit Mount Anis and lay on a large flagstone. She did this, and upon arising was found to be Read More

#31DaysofMary: Our Lady of Aparecida

Our Lady of the Conception Aparecida, or simply Our Lady of Aparecida Miraculous statue venerated in Brazil, originally fished out of the water in 1717. Three fisherman from the small town of Guarantinqueta had been charged with the task of catching a large number of fish for an upcoming banquet. Before setting out on their Read More

#31DaysofMary: Our Lady of Octlan

Yes, I’m a bit behind, and maybe you’ve noticed I’m backdating these posts….don’t judge me! We’ll continue our travels with Mary and hit 31 days one way or another!     Our Lady of Ocotlan Apparition of Our Lady that appeared in Tiaxcala, Mexico in 1541   Many Catholics are familiar with Our Lady of Read More

#31DaysofMary in Equador

Our Lady of Good Success, Ecuador Apparition of Our Lady that appeared to Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres at her Conceptionist Royal Convent in Quito, Ecuador in 1594 In 1577, 13-year-old Mariana de Jesus Torres traveled from Spain to Ecuador with a group of religious sisters to found a new convent in Quito. By the Read More

#31DaysofMary: Our Lady of La Vang

If you’re still with me on this cross-cultural Marian adventure, you deserve a bonus! Just pretend it’s a song about Mary…in some way or another. Our Lady of La Vang, Vietnam Apparitions that occurred in the woods of Quang Tri, Vietnam in 1798 to Catholics hiding from persecution. In 1798, the Nguyen Dynasty which ruled the Read More

#31DaysofMary: Our Lady of Walsingham

Our Lady of Walsingham Apparition of Our Lady that appeared and asked for a replica of the Holy Family’s house to be built in Walsingham, England Feast Day, September 24 In 1061, Richeldis de Faverches a rich young widow, prayed for guidance in how she might honor Our Lady. Mary appeared to Faverches and took Read More

#31DaysofMary: Our Lady of the Snows

Pretty sure this is the longest streak of anything I’ve completed since a pregnancy…or maybe my Whole30. I’m not sure. MOVING ON TO THE INSPIRING STUFF… Our Lady of the Snows Fourth century Marian apparition that led to the creation of the Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome, Italy On August 4, 358 Our Read More

#31DaysofMary : Our Lady of Good Health

Our Lady of Good Health, or Our Lady of Vailankanni, India Apparation of Our Lady that appeared twice in Vailankanni   Around 1550 a shepherd boy was completing his daily chore of carrying milk from Vailankanni (a seaport town on the Bay of Bengal) to his master at Nagapattinam. He stopped along the way to nap and Read More

#31DaysofMary: Our Lady of Akita

Our Lady of Akita Title given to a statue of The Lady of all Nations that spoke to Sister Agnes Sasagawa of the Handmaids of the Eucharist, Akita, Japan Beginning in 1973, Sister Agnes Sasagawa of the Handmaids of the Eucharist began to experience signs and visions, the first being a bright light emanating from the Tabernacle Read More

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