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{SQT}The Year Fasting Became Hard Again, And Other Tales From The Lenten Trenches

For the last few Lents, I’ve shared my goals; what I’m giving up, doing, or not doing, in the run up to Easter. With our Florida trip coinciding nicely with Ash Wednesday, that didn’t happen…though I truly did have the best of intentions! So, instead of the long post sharing what strange eating plan I’ve Read More

We Don’t Celebrate Advent

Now that I lured you in with that click bait title you can relax: our family has not abandoned Advent! However, we definitely don’t celebrate it – we observe it the way we do Lent (though not as strictly), and we celebrate Christmas in its proper time (for twelve days, and in small ways up Read More

How To Be Thankful When God Gives You What You Want

Last week as I sat in the hospital with Fulton during his four-hour observation window, I tried, between the nurse interruptions and (mis)alarming equipment, to hash out a Quick Takes post. By the time we left that night and got home I was too spent to reread and edit it into something coherent, thus the Read More

NFP And Genetic Disorder

Next week is Natural Family Planning (NFP) Awareness Week. I do not normally write about NFP because I would prefer to keep that aspect of my marriage private, as would my husband. However, based on the emails I’ve been getting, I feel there is a need for an NFP post to be written for parents Read More

Seven Ways To Observe Memorial Day As A Catholic

This weekend, like many of you, I will be consuming grilled food, drinking party beverages, and hopefully soaking up some rays poolside. But, Memorial Day is so much more than just the start to the summer season. Personally, I think it is one government holiday that we can baptize just a bit. So prepare to Read More

The World Will Be Saved By Beauty

Since everyone wants to know about the book I was pouring over last week, here’s the review I didn’t have the brain cells to write late last Thursday night. I’ve mentioned on the blog before that I’m a big Dorothy Day fan, so when Shannon shared ‘Dorothy Day, The World Will Be Saved by Beauty, Read More

Seven Lenten Lessons to Take Into the Easter Season and Beyond

Coming off an Easter break and I’m happy to say everyone is healthy. Fulton would like to personally thank the makers of Tamiflu, and I would like to thank my in-laws for running our house for two days while I lived on the edge of death…or felt like it. It was the Lenty-est of Lents Read More

Seven Things I Learned About Catholic Mindfulness, And How It Could Help You

Mindfulness is such a self-help buzz word these days, but after reading about the benefits, and trying some free apps, I had to admit I felt some benefits. But as a Catholic, shouldn’t I just be able to pray away my stress and avoid anything remotely tied to meditation? Thankfully, I discovered the Catholic Mindfulness Read More

Hosting Update IV

The house is quieter today. A snow storm moved in and blanketed the area forcing us to abandon plans to go to the movies or sneak in a date night. Instead, we’ve stayed put and each done our own thing relatively undisturbed. It’s bittersweet. I must admit to being happy to having things “back to Read More

{SQT} Priorities

Monday found me slightly stressed, with a sugar hangover, and an overwhelming feeling that we would not, under any circumstances, be ready to host orphans by Saturday. My efforts to clean and reorganize the whole house were constantly being undone by my family who didn’t seem to grasp the importance of having everything absolutely perfect Read More

New (Liturgical) Year’s Resolutions

We’re beginning a new liturgical year and now is when I reflect on my past year’s efforts in matters of faith, and, through prayer and fasting and the quiet of Advent, try to figure out what I need to work on next year. As we lit the first candle of our Advent wreath on Sunday, Read More

Up Your Spiritual Game With Deliberate Practice

While reading one of the many self-improvement books I frequently indulge in, I came across, once again, the mention of deliberate practice. Since it’s introduction by psychologist and professor Anders Ericsson in 1996, it’s cropped up in numerous books (like Grit) Ā and articles (see here) ever since. So, not a new concept for me, but Read More

How Can We Keep Our Faith When Bad Things Happen To Our Children?

My final post regarding special needs parenting isĀ inspiredĀ from a status another SMA parent posted on Facebook a few months ago. This father was very open about his struggles to maintain his faith. He was mentally keeping track of two columns, and the column for tossing aside what little Christian faith he had left, contained the Read More

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