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{p,h,f,r} Enjoying Every Moment Stuck Inside My House

It’s been a week of feasts here at the Mantoan crib. From stuffed shoes, to waking up extra early to make baked goods, to the yearly conversation I have with my husband on how we’re not using real candles in the St. Lucy crown. And crafts, oh so many crafts. So many wonderful traditions I’ve locked myself Read More

{WIWS} Offering Up This Bad Advent Outfit For A Good Cause

I’m back in black, and purple, for this weeks What I Wore Sunday Link Up hosted by the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple. Welcome to Advent! WOOT! It’s all about the anticipation baby! We’re ringing in the new liturgical year with modest style and a whole lotta solemn preparation for the birth of our Read More

God Didn’t Answer My Prayer

My sister, my father and I managed to catch my mom completely off guard on Saturday with a surprise party at my parent’s house. After standing slack-jawed in the kitchen doorway for a full two minutes, my mom enjoyed visiting with friends and family who came to celebrate her upcoming 60th birthday. It was the Read More

{SQT} Family Joys Of The Week

I really don’t have time to write today, but if I don’t link up with Jen, my week feels incomplete somehow. So here, jotted down between diapers, costumes and a burst radiator pipe on the van, are my deep reflections from the week. 1. Tony “accidentally” left this article up on the browser for me to Read More


Tonight during prayers, Edie grabbed my rosary and I said, “Hon, be gentle, it’s a third class relic.” The kids glanced at me, and Addie asked, “How?” “Remember? My rosary was touched to the tomb of Arbp. Fulton Sheen on our trip to New York.” Addie nodded and Byron piped up, “Hey, our dishes are Read More

To Be Or Not To Be…A Godparent’s Commitment

Despite the absence of it’s head, the household has been generally cheerful these last two days. Of course the internet connection between here and Poland works as speedily as those free disks from AOL, so our video chats are choppy at best. Two of the three times the video from Tony’s end was completely non-existent. Read More

I Borrowed Your Seven Quick Takes

I’ve been at a loss for what to write for a ‘Seven Quick Takes’ post for a couple of weeks now. No cohesive theme has jumped out at me and lately I feel like I’ve been summing up my weekly goings on with my ‘Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real’ posts on Thursdays. But everyone else around Read More

Reflections on Childhood Innocence from the Hospital

I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it” Mark 10:15 I hate to admit it, but I’m enjoying my time in the hospital with Fulton. His feeding tube surgery went off without a hitch, and he’s recovering nicely with no complaints Read More

The Importance of Family Prayer Time…with a bit of my conversion story thrown in.

I’d really envisioned just writing a quick post about how ridiculous our family prayer time has become lately, but it got me thinking on other things… so forgive my long-windedness. Growing up Methodist, somewhere along the line I got the impression that church and religion were Sunday things, but only when extremely convenient, and that prayer Read More

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real …does not do my week justice

Since our last installment, our family celebrated a joyous Easter Sunday before everything rapidly descended into chaos. Thankfully, we did manage ten minutes of visiting with friends on Monday before both my husband and oldest son sprained their ankles in unrelated incidents. But I’ve been unable to give them much sympathy as the baby came Read More

Easter Expectations

Holiday meals take all the fun and excitement of my daily dinner prep routine and combine it with high expectations and lots more mouths to feed. As I mentioned before, around here, Sundays have a good chance of being a leftover day. But on Easter Sunday, not only do I get to make sure everyone Read More

Lent is Penitential

I really struggle with Lent. This is one of those unfortunate years that I can’t use the ‘I’m nursing/pregnant’ excuse to skip out. The previous Lents in which I’ve attempted to go ‘hard core’ and give up something like soda or snacking between meals or sweets have usually ended with me devouring at least half Read More

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