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{SQT} My Homeschool Education: Seven Methods and Seven Lessons

Micaela’s got a neat homeschooling link up happening at her blog, and I’ve got a great post idea with seven points I can use, meaning it’s another post so nice I linked it twice. I always love it when my writing works twice as hard to bring in the readers. I often get asked by Read More

How To Plan a Robin Hood Unit Study Your Kids Will Complain About

As we school year round, this is our last week before taking April off. In an attempt to be a “cool” mom, I thought that rather than do just our normal school work, we’d have a fun week filled with Robin Hood themed games and activities. We were already set to cover the classic as Read More

2013-14 Curriculum Choices, Or It Looks Good On Paper

Who’s up for some curriculum talk?! What, what?! Let me hear y’all say YEAH! If you’re not pumped, you probably don’t homeschool and can safety skip this post, unless you like fun book suggestions in which case, jump on the train before it pulls out! Woot, woot! Last year when I posted our curriculum, I Read More

{FF}Homeschool Conference Warm Fuzzies

On Saturday, the local Catholic homeschool group I’m a part of hosted their 14th Annual Homeschool conference. Feeling down about homeschooling? Then go surround yourself with a hundred or so enthusiastic homeschoolers and see if that doesn’t empower the pants (or jumper) off you. My husband and I had always assumed we’d send our kids Read More

Awesome Online Elementary Homeschooling Resources

    Here in no husband land, we’re still narrowly avoiding the nighttime zombies and mama’s pre-dinner meltdown. I’m down to my last quarter box o’wine with four days to go. Can’t…hold…on…much…longer…. I’m seriously┬áconsidering┬á dragging around a king-sized pillow drapped in one of his dirty t-shirts.┬áI’m definitely not a poster child for moms that excel Read More

Pinning All My Hopes And Dreams On…2012-13 Curriculum

  August messes with my head because, on one hand, I’m all “Yay, we’ve finally wrapped up another school year! No school for a month!” while on the other, I’m completely “Aaaaa! Only a month until we start another year of school! I need to write up lesson plans and completely overthink how and why Read More

Reviews for Sale!

{This is another one of those posts where I tell you what other “good” homeschooling blogs do, then I go and do the opposite. You’ve been warned.} Product reviews! In Kelly’s fantasy land, I get lots of great books and materials mailed to me for free by people who think other homeschoolers hang on my Read More

Don’t Cheat On Your Favorite Curricula

I try to do homeschooling on the cheap. Certainly, it is not always possible, but my husband and I always think long and hard before plunking down a wad of cash for a fancy boxed set of anything related to education. Through the years, people have recommended all sorts of programs that will supposedly provide Read More

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