Preparing For A New School Year

Homeschooling, Seven Quick Takes

1. The pictures of kids heading back to school are already hitting my Instagram feed. (You Southerners start back early!) Fulton and Teddy just wrapped up their summer programs and won’t head back until after Labor Day. (Jersey schools understand people need plenty of time for last-minute beach trips.) Addie’s online classes start the last […]


How To Evaluate Your Homeschool Year So You Don’t Feel Like A Failure

Homeschooling, Seven Quick Takes

  1. Who’s done with schooooooooooolllll?? Not meeeeeeeeee!!! It’s okay though. We’re in the homestretch and everything is fine. via GIPHY 2. No seriously, all’s fine. We’ve made TONS of progress and we’re ending on a high note! via GIPHY 3. So I feel TOTALLY qualified to give advice on how to evaluate your homeschool […]