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The Best Methods, You’ve Never Heard of, to Occupy Toddlers During School

The Friday before Labor Day weekend; I’ve got the first day of school in my sights. I’m not running. I’m tackling it head on like the insecure, homeschooling pro that I am. (Just for good measure, Tony restocked my hard cider supplies so I’m set.) One of the hardest things about homeschooling can be teaching Read More

2014-15 Curriculum or Too Many Books; Act Like You Care

It’s that time of year again where I over share ALL the books and materials we’re using for our upcoming school year. Being the curriculum nerd that I am, I love reading what other people are using and checking out new-to-me materials, so naturally I’m assuming you’re dying to learn everything about the 2014-15 St. Read More

Planning To Prevent Burnout Now

The boxes of books are arriving! Lesson plans are being recorded in crisp new planners! A new school year is just around the corner! How exciting! This will be the year, thanks to a sparkly new curriculum, we master chemistry. In addition, we radically modified our schedule in ways guaranteed to maximize learning and prevent Read More

{SQT} My Homeschool Education: Seven Methods and Seven Lessons

Micaela’s got a neat homeschooling link up happening at her blog, and I’ve got a great post idea with seven points I can use, meaning it’s another post so nice I linked it twice. I always love it when my writing works twice as hard to bring in the readers. I often get asked by Read More

Outside the Classroom: Finding Your Homeschool Community

Saturday found me drooling over stacks of books at my local Catholic homeschool conference. I have more self-control than I used to, but my heart still races when I walk past some of those tables of new, glossy books. How can I not NEED every. single. one?! But the other great thing about that conference Read More

How To Plan a Robin Hood Unit Study Your Kids Will Complain About

As we school year round, this is our last week before taking April off. In an attempt to be a “cool” mom, I thought that rather than do just our normal school work, we’d have a fun week filled with Robin Hood themed games and activities. We were already set to cover the classic as Read More

123 : Stealing Your Child’s Youth While Educating Them Like A Boss

This post was written at the request of my three oldest children who are sick to death of the ABC commercials. The idea is theirs, the words mine. For a preschool program I can recommend, visit HERE.  My 18 month old was just trotting around and getting into mischief; laughing loudly, dumping out bins Read More

Your Child WILL Read

I wasn’t sure how to put these thoughts down on the page, and part of me wondered if I should even try. But something happened this week in our homeschool that put a huge smile on my face. And it was a smile I wanted to share with all the young, struggling homeschooling moms out Read More

Time To Call the Waaaaaaaambulance; Some Food For Thought With Your Whine

Complaining; it is at the root of every homeschooling mother’s desire to tap into that box of wine by 3 p.m.  Or Mike’s Cranberry Hard Lemonade…whatevers in your fridge chillin’. Yes, I had a sucky Monday, which was not surprising because it’s impossible to start two weeks in a row off on the right foot. Read More

This Old Schoolhouse or Keeping The Madness Contained

Inspired by the stunning array of homeschool classrooms that are clogging my Pinterest feed, I thought I would show the layout of our school room to 1. alleviate your fears that homeschooling must be done in a replica Montessori classroom and 2. show that a dedicated space for school work is helpful. Our house is Read More

{FF} Why We Homeschool

It’s all homeschool all the time! How was your first day? Ours was significantly better than last years; which may or may not be due to the copious amounts of frozen yogurt that were consumed. I also allowed them to check out several comic books (Superman from the 40s!) at the library, which I usually Read More

2013-14 Curriculum Choices, Or It Looks Good On Paper

Who’s up for some curriculum talk?! What, what?! Let me hear y’all say YEAH! If you’re not pumped, you probably don’t homeschool and can safety skip this post, unless you like fun book suggestions in which case, jump on the train before it pulls out! Woot, woot! Last year when I posted our curriculum, I Read More

Last Parasite Report: Ending Summer On A High

I’m pretty sure you must all be sick and tired of reading about the ongoing poop fest at our house. So this, I promise you, will be the last post on said subject. And I’ll throw in some other deep reflective thoughts to end it on a real perky note. Currently we’re waiting on lab Read More

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