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A Bible Curriculum Moses Could Be Proud Of

Was I at the beach again?? Totally. But I won’t dump a bunch of ocean pictures on you and call it a day. Instead, I’m going to introduce you to a great resource that’s right up there with the Bible… mostly because it talks about the Bible. And Catholics heart the Bible right?! Yes, we Read More

Hometown Homeschool Field Trip; Because Visiting Family Wasn’t Educational Enough

After such a successful family outing last week, I thought, why not drive all the kids two an half hours to my hometown to visit with family? Oh, and why not tack on a field trip to a science museum packed to the gills with public school kids just for added pizazz? Seriously though, here’s Read More

See Me Homeschool: Lucky Friday the 13th

I’m happy to join the “See Me Homeschool” blog hop with Theresa and Micaela. Normally, I wouldn’t pick February to participate in such a thing, since by February, we’re all sort of ‘blah’, (this week is a ‘Science’ week, which means lots of NOVA specials.) But, Theresa said “just pictures” so I thought, I can Read More

The Best Methods, You’ve Never Heard of, to Occupy Toddlers During School

The Friday before Labor Day weekend; I’ve got the first day of school in my sights. I’m not running. I’m tackling it head on like the insecure, homeschooling pro that I am. (Just for good measure, Tony restocked my hard cider supplies so I’m set.) One of the hardest things about homeschooling can be teaching Read More

2014-15 Curriculum or Too Many Books; Act Like You Care

It’s that time of year again where I over share ALL the books and materials we’re using for our upcoming school year. Being the curriculum nerd that I am, I love reading what other people are using and checking out new-to-me materials, so naturally I’m assuming you’re dying to learn everything about the 2014-15 St. Read More

Planning To Prevent Burnout Now

The boxes of books are arriving! Lesson plans are being recorded in crisp new planners! A new school year is just around the corner! How exciting! This will be the year, thanks to a sparkly new curriculum, we master chemistry. In addition, we radically modified our schedule in ways guaranteed to maximize learning and prevent Read More

{SQT} My Homeschool Education: Seven Methods and Seven Lessons

Micaela’s got a neat homeschooling link up happening at her blog, and I’ve got a great post idea with seven points I can use, meaning it’s another post so nice I linked it twice. I always love it when my writing works twice as hard to bring in the readers. I often get asked by Read More

Outside the Classroom: Finding Your Homeschool Community

Saturday found me drooling over stacks of books at my local Catholic homeschool conference. I have more self-control than I used to, but my heart still races when I walk past some of those tables of new, glossy books. How can I not NEED every. single. one?! But the other great thing about that conference Read More

How To Plan a Robin Hood Unit Study Your Kids Will Complain About

As we school year round, this is our last week before taking April off. In an attempt to be a “cool” mom, I thought that rather than do just our normal school work, we’d have a fun week filled with Robin Hood themed games and activities. We were already set to cover the classic as Read More

123 : Stealing Your Child’s Youth While Educating Them Like A Boss

This post was written at the request of my three oldest children who are sick to death of the ABC commercials. The idea is theirs, the words mine. For a preschool program I can recommend, visit HERE.  My 18 month old was just trotting around and getting into mischief; laughing loudly, dumping out bins Read More

Your Child WILL Read

I wasn’t sure how to put these thoughts down on the page, and part of me wondered if I should even try. But something happened this week in our homeschool that put a huge smile on my face. And it was a smile I wanted to share with all the young, struggling homeschooling moms out Read More

Time To Call the Waaaaaaaambulance; Some Food For Thought With Your Whine

Complaining; it is at the root of every homeschooling mother’s desire to tap into that box of wine by 3 p.m.  Or Mike’s Cranberry Hard Lemonade…whatevers in your fridge chillin’. Yes, I had a sucky Monday, which was not surprising because it’s impossible to start two weeks in a row off on the right foot. Read More

This Old Schoolhouse or Keeping The Madness Contained

Inspired by the stunning array of homeschool classrooms that are clogging my Pinterest feed, I thought I would show the layout of our school room to 1. alleviate your fears that homeschooling must be done in a replica Montessori classroom and 2. show that a dedicated space for school work is helpful. Our house is Read More

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