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How To Evaluate Your Homeschool Year So You Don’t Feel Like A Failure

1. Who’s done with schooooooooooolllll?? Not meeeeeeeeee!!! It’s okay though. We’re in the homestretch and everything is fine. 2. No seriously, all’s fine. We’ve made TONS of progress and we’re ending on a high note! 3. So I feel TOTALLY qualified to give advice on how to evaluate your homeschool year. Join me on this Read More

How To Teach Catholic Kids About The Middle Ages

At some point in your children’s education they’re going to learn about the Reformation. If you have a nice Catholic homeschooling family like mine, you try to make do with the Protestant history book you have while skipping a few sentences during your read aloud…before your husband walks into the school room and hears you Read More

Seven Things Working In Our Homeschool Right Now

Since we’re more than halfway through the school year, I thought, for once, that I would actually do a mid-year follow-up on what’s working in our homeschool. (There’s also some things not working, but that’s a post for another time.) You can read about my 2016-17 curriculum choices here for comparison.   1. Addie is Read More

2016-17 Curriculum Post for Homeschoolers Who Like Way Too Much Information

This is the probably the latest I’ve ever posted my curriculum choices, so hopefully no one has been waiting to purchase books based on my recommendations. (I’ll be the first to tell you that you value my opinion too highly.) But regardless of what anyone else thinks, I enjoy making a note of all my Read More

First Day of School Essentials For Families With Kids Who Keep Growing

We  started school this week. I’ve got no cute back to school pictures of the kids holding a gently aged chalkboard with their grade on it. We didn’t mark the day with anything special except a box of Pillsbury Toaster Strudels. And thankfully, I’ve been doing this long enough to know that, while my mom Read More

{Simple Homeschool} Another Day In the Life

I love a good day in the life post. It’s been a year since I recorded our homeschool day, and even longer since I did it with more words than photos. When I saw that Simple Homeschool was going to make their recent Day in the LIfe series a Link up, I knew I’d have Read More

Why I Keep Homeschooling Even When It Sucks

Based on the post title, you can probably guess about the type of day I had; trouble with our old desktop and older laptop, everyone having a crisis at the exact. same. time., tears, screaming and I repeated the same set of instructions at least 4,598 times. It was the type of day were I pulled Read More

How to Write Your Own Lesson Plans, Part 2; Completing and Motivating

You’ve decided to write your own lesson plans! Good for you! If you’re this far you’ve probably already filled out a Course of Study for each of your students. Now you know what subjects and what materials will be covered for the year. Now the trick is to take all that information and break it Read More

How to Write Your Own Lesson Plans, Part 1; Discernment and Preparation

The last time I purchased lesson plans was in the summer of 2006 as I prepared for Addie to start pre-school. Homeschooling was an exciting yet overwhelming prospect. I needed someone to hold my hand and guide me (and Addie) through these unknown waters. Within a few weeks, I quickly realized that we were not Read More

A Bible Curriculum Moses Could Be Proud Of

Was I at the beach again?? Totally. But I won’t dump a bunch of ocean pictures on you and call it a day. Instead, I’m going to introduce you to a great resource that’s right up there with the Bible… mostly because it talks about the Bible. And Catholics heart the Bible right?! Yes, we Read More

Hometown Homeschool Field Trip; Because Visiting Family Wasn’t Educational Enough

After such a successful family outing last week, I thought, why not drive all the kids two an half hours to my hometown to visit with family? Oh, and why not tack on a field trip to a science museum packed to the gills with public school kids just for added pizazz? Seriously though, here’s Read More

See Me Homeschool: Lucky Friday the 13th

I’m happy to join the “See Me Homeschool” blog hop with Theresa and Micaela. Normally, I wouldn’t pick February to participate in such a thing, since by February, we’re all sort of ‘blah’, (this week is a ‘Science’ week, which means lots of NOVA specials.) But, Theresa said “just pictures” so I thought, I can Read More

The Best Methods, You’ve Never Heard of, to Occupy Toddlers During School

The Friday before Labor Day weekend; I’ve got the first day of school in my sights. I’m not running. I’m tackling it head on like the insecure, homeschooling pro that I am. (Just for good measure, Tony restocked my hard cider supplies so I’m set.) One of the hardest things about homeschooling can be teaching Read More

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