An Honest Real Estate Ad


For rent: 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, asking (a reasonable sum of money considering we live in NJ) per month Cute bungalow with dark hardwoods through out; great for hiding dark pet fur, and your brunette husband’s beard trimmings. Squeaky floors will deter late night trips to the fridge and promptly wake your sleeping babes for […]


Enjoy a Spend Free Weekend


In an effort to stay on top of trends, I’m writing my version of a post I’ve seen all over Pinterest. The ‘Spend-Free’ weekend (or week, or month, or sometimes longer if you have a fully stocked pantry of beans). I’m not really to sure why someone would want to voluntarily undertake a spend-free amount […]


Summer Plans For The Ambitiously Lazy


Most of civilized society is enjoying summer break. For homeschoolers, summer is indistinguishable from the rest of the year because you’re still yelling at your kids all the time, the only difference is now everyone is hot and sweaty. For families with children home from a brick and mortar school, it can be an adjustment […]


Seven Ways I’m Caring For My Middle Aged Self


Self care is a popular, if not sometimes controversial topic for bloggers these days. Some people abhor the word, while others use it to describe everything from naps to gym memberships. I don’t mind the term and use it in my writing, but I don’t think I’ve ever defined it before and perhaps should do […]


Valentines For Ash Wednesday


Ash Wednesday/ St. Valentine’s Day/ the Feast of Sts Cyril and Methodius is right around the corner! How about a few more Valentines to help you celebrate the start of Lent with your sweetheart? DONE! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Need more Valentines? Find some HERE and HERE. On Sunday, we leave for […]


Sensible Online Etiquette


  Like most folks who spend any time online, I notice that conversations can quickly get out of hand. A simple status or blog post can launch a barrage of angry comments and responses, and pull otherwise sensible people away from their families for longer than they should to argue about something that ultimately doesn’t […]


Seven Steps to Miraculous Bone Broth


Y’all know I like to be on the cutting edge of food trends. Whatever the cool people are eating, drinking or using as an enema¬†– I am all about it! That’s why when I noticed all the recipes popping up on Pinterest and Facebook for bone broth, I knew I had to learn more or […]


Summer Schedules For Parents Who Cannot Even


1. After about a day of no school, our household quickly descends into a free for all, every man for himself, Lord of the Flies type environment. As much as I enjoy a break from the work that homeschooling entails, without some structure to our day, our house and I are usually a couple of […]


By Request, A Capsule Wardrobe For Speakers


If you’re a blogger with any following, it won’t be long until you start to get emails from people who want you to write about their product or company or share their link or article. Typically, they can’t offer you compensation but they’ll be happy to promote your post on their social media channels where […]


How To Achieve The Perfect SAHM Body

Humor, Seven Quick Takes

The gluttony of the holiday season is finally over. Even those hidden packages of clearanced Christmas candy you’d tucked at the back of the pantry are gone. Winter has set in, and hibernating under blankets, extra sweaters and piles of laundry has you feeling as attractive as a walrus. Motivation is at an all time low. […]