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More Valentines to Lead Your Loved One To Heaven

It’s Lent. I’m eating like a 12th century nun. More on that later. All you need to know for now is that I haven’t had coffee in three days. But that’s all I’m going to say about it because not complaining is part of the joy/ magic/ etc. that Lent is made of (+ tears Read More

{SQT} What I’m NOT Doing in 2016

First Tsh posted three things she wasn’t doing this year, then Anne followed with three more and I was like, hell, I’ve got at least seven things I shouldn’t do this year. Let’s make this a Quick Takes. 1.No sleepovers. I will happily drop my children at other kid’s houses, but no one except blood Read More

Seven Step Internet Cleanse

 It’s a well-known fact that to achieve your goals you have to work hard while avoiding distraction. One of the biggest distractions in this day and age is the internet. If you’ve got lofty resolutions this year (like me) but you frequently find yourself sidetracked due to Facebook, Buzzfeed and um, Catholic blogs, you might Read More

Seven Day Christmas Planner for Winners!

One week until Christmas! The most organized of you have planned and shopped for weeks. Maybe you could even sit back and relax this Advent season. Not me! Now’s the time when I finally break out my Christmas planner. Why spend weeks or months preparing for Christmas when I’ve got it all broken down into Read More

Spiritbit, The Spiritual Fitness Tracker

Still shopping for Christmas gifts? Wondering what to get for those people in your lives who seem to already have it all? Now available is the Spiritbit spiritual health monitor! You’ve already got something strapped to your wrist to monitor your heart rate, time asleep, and activity level; why not apply the same level of Read More

Alf On The Shelf…NOT A Typo

December just arrived, but for weeks now my Pinterest and Facebook feeds have been filled with people filing away ‘Elf On the Shelf’ ideas and pictures. We have lots of Advent and Christmas traditions in our family, however a slightly creepy voyeur elf is NOT one of them. Especially a creepy voyeur that requires me Read More

The Night Before Thanksgiving

Twas the night before Thanksgiving and all through the house, not a creature was stirring….except for Mama who was staring at a partially thawed turkey, wondering what time her family would actually be able to eat tomorrow. The children were nestled all snug in their beds because Papa had yelled at them to stay out Read More

Saving Money on Essential Oils

Essential oils are all the rage right now. Within a 24 hour period, I had two friends ask if I was interested in doing a review/ giveaway on the blog about their oils and I declined because I had just bought oils from a third friend a couple days prior. A search of Pinterest will Read More

{SQT} Crowd-Sourced Questions For a Mama’s Weary Mind

Welcome back shaky takers. I blinked and it was time to git this post done. Jumping in with both feet. 1. This is my to do list. It is an accurate representation of my brain. Yes, I’ve crossed many things off my list, but I also forgot that my nine year old had camp this Read More

The Summer Bucket List For Underachievers

  About a month or so ago, they started popping up everywhere; Facebook, Buzzfeed, Pinterest, every lifestyle bloggers homepage- the nefarious ‘Summer Bucket List’.  And every single post was littered with smiling all American kid stock photos. If you created one of these and we’re friends, I’m totally not talking about you. I’m talking about Read More

{SQT} Being Home Alone is Less Fun Without Macaulay Culkin

Hi everyone. I’m still catching up on sleep here. Because 1. Doing “fun things” when you’re 36 means you need plenty of time to recover (i.e. I’m still paying for sleeping on the ground and hiking straight uphill for what felt like an hour.) And 2. even once I got back, I was flying solo Read More

Simple Tips for Bringing the Circus to Target

Maybe you’ve been stuck inside for a few days and need a change of scenery. Maybe you’re out of an essential household item: toilet paper, coffee, Lindt truffles and aren’t thinking straight as a result. Or maybe you have older children that can actually verbalize their needs (“Mom, can I please get new pants. My Read More

Five Mother’s Day Crafts That Moms Actually Want

The latest issue of Highlights Magazine showed up at my house making BOLD promises. Oh great, more art projects to clutter up my school room and hold onto for years out of guilt. NO THANKS HIGHLIGHTS! I shared the photo on Instagram and the general consensus was most of us hate kids crafts. I mean Read More

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