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The Homeschool Mom Capsule Wardrobe

Have you created a capsule wardrobe? What’s in your fall capsule? Have you encapsulated your life into 37 easy pieces??? You will magically look thinner, happier and have more style if you minimize your wardrobe to astronaut standards!!! Or cosmonaut standards. Whatever. Check out this gal’s sweet orange jumpsuit. And look how well everything fits Read More

Ultimate Hobbit Party Resource; Or So I Hope

On Saturday, we brought a little bit of Middle-Earth to South Jersey for my oldest’s birthday party. Ever since reading about this Hobbit party my kids have wanted to host an all day feast. While I couldn’t agree to that, we did invite people over for five hours, three courses, games and general merriment. Addie Read More

Seven Things To Do When A Loved One’s Child Receives A Life Changing Medical Diagnosis

Lately I’ve been receiving a bunch of emails from people facing difficult medical diagnosis’, either of their child or the child of a close friend or family member. First, I’m deeply humbled that these people haven chosen to reach out to me (of all people) to seek advice. I mean, how do they know I’m Read More

The Best Methods, You’ve Never Heard of, to Occupy Toddlers During School

The Friday before Labor Day weekend; I’ve got the first day of school in my sights. I’m not running. I’m tackling it head on like the insecure, homeschooling pro that I am. (Just for good measure, Tony restocked my hard cider supplies so I’m set.) One of the hardest things about homeschooling can be teaching Read More

Planning To Prevent Burnout Now

The boxes of books are arriving! Lesson plans are being recorded in crisp new planners! A new school year is just around the corner! How exciting! This will be the year, thanks to a sparkly new curriculum, we master chemistry. In addition, we radically modified our schedule in ways guaranteed to maximize learning and prevent Read More

How to Start a Family Prayer Time

  After the table is cleared, at least partially, our family gathers in the living room for family prayer time. We can manage three decades of a rosary, a litany of Saints, and maybe even a reading on a feast day or season. On any given evening, between my five kids, there is still rosary Read More


I’m not here today to argue the Catholic Church’s stance on contraception. I’m not here tell a story about my personal relationship with Natural Family Planning. Today, I’m going to make a brief PSA about how you, yes you, random Catholic blog reader should learn NFP, right now, today. BUT! I’m a young single woman Read More

Why I Suck At Homesteading And What I Should’ve Learned From The Amish

This June, it will be six years since our family moved into our current home, situated on an acre of land and surrounded on a couple sides by protected farmland, and the other two by subdivisions. It was exactly what we thought we wanted. Shortly after moving to New Jersey almost nine years ago, my Read More

I’m The Last Woman Who Ever Thought She’d Have Five Kids

Happy Easter! What a great looking family! It’s weird for me to remember that there was a time, many years ago, when I thought I didn’t want kids. I mean, maybe one or two, but only after I’d been married several years and felt ready. When I started dating my husband eighteen years ago, I Read More

REAL Valentines For Today

It’s Saint Valentine’s Day and it seems all the world is cranking out paper hearts, love notes and frantically placing last-minute dinner reservations. Pinterest is awash in red and pink. Poor St. Valentine. What would he think of all this? First, his feast day is moved off the Church’s calendar. Second, his title of ‘Saint’ Read More

Stitch Fix(ings) in Seven Blurry Shots

Guys! I’m so excited! The other day, just out of the blue, this box showed up at my door! 1.  The name sounded vaguely familiar, and then I remembered Stitch Fix, a personal shopping service I first read about on Modern Mrs. Darcy awhile back. Now, the name on the box was a bit off, Read More

Livin’ It Up, Anti-Lyceum Style

I’d hardly say I’m a lifestyle blogger. But, never one to shy away from a challenge, I finally decided to go there in full Martha Stewart glory. Behold, seven pages from “Livin’” a lifestyle magazine devoted to food, family, fashion and decorating: Kelly Mantoan style. 1. The cover. I donned my usual robe, and a Read More

Be Not Afraid!

Lots o’ favorites to report on up in these chilly parts and I really planned to write a normal Five Favorites post to share them all. But then I got this post in my Feedly last night, and it’s all I can think about. So be sure to read it and then, I’ll thank you Read More

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