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Part 1: Rules and the Role of Obedience

Every so often I find myself involved in a parenting discussion where my humble opinion is actually requested. When these rare occasions arise, and unfortunately more often when they do not, I typically don’t mind sharing our family’s system for rules and consequences and how we generally deter our children from acting like savages. Now Read More

Seven Things To Do When A Friend Follows a New Path

This post was originally going to be titled “Seven Things To Do When a Friend Decides to Stop Homeschooling” and was based on my recent experience watching several long time homeschooling friends decide to enroll some or all of their children in school. But that seemed a bit narrow and also, in discussing the topic Read More

Focus On Your Head and Heart This Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Lent is upon us, and we’re reminded of our need to fast, pray and give alms. Meanwhile, the secular world is all a flutter over Valentine’s Day, which arrives this Sunday. While the commercials are pushing diamonds, chocolate and flowers, why not invest in a gift that will benefit your marriage, and family, more than Read More

{SQT} Seven Ways To Stop Anger From Stealing Your Day

  It’s been a rough week. I really needed another week off after the craziness of my previous week off, however, I do want to be able to wrap the school year up before next September so, back to work it was. My kids would be quick to tell you I’ve been yelling a lot. Read More

Hometown Homeschool Field Trip; Because Visiting Family Wasn’t Educational Enough

After such a successful family outing last week, I thought, why not drive all the kids two an half hours to my hometown to visit with family? Oh, and why not tack on a field trip to a science museum packed to the gills with public school kids just for added pizazz? Seriously though, here’s Read More

A Screen Time Contract; For When You Really Mean Business

As mentioned previously, this Christmas, Santa got the three older kids Kindle Fires. I shot a great video of them opening their presents and screaming in disbelief. Up until very close to Advent, we’d always shut down their requests for personal electronic items. My husband and I only recently changed our minds. While in some Read More

Heroic Patience: Ten Virtues of Mary

I originally offered to write on heroic patience as a joke. While I couldn’t think of anyone who was bragging about their ample supply of patience, it seemed there should be some other woman, made of stronger stuff, who could withstand the slings and arrows of daily life better than I, and who should be Read More

Expectations vs Reality: You mean, all kids are different?!

Today I’m happy to be joining up with Amy from Go Forth and Mother for her year-long ‘Happy Wife Project’. This week I’m writing about my expectations of motherhood vs the reality of motherhood. When you’re done here, be sure to check out the other bloggers on the tour! I’ve listed them all at the Read More

I’m The Last Woman Who Ever Thought She’d Have Five Kids

Happy Easter! What a great looking family! It’s weird for me to remember that there was a time, many years ago, when I thought I didn’t want kids. I mean, maybe one or two, but only after I’d been married several years and felt ready. When I started dating my husband eighteen years ago, I Read More

Staying Active with a Fun, Family Obstacle Course

Maybe you caught my reference to a family jog we took a few weeks back. We’ve kept at it, following a Couch to 5K app on some evenings and other evenings, just going for a stroll to the playground. My goals were to help get the kids in shape for track and help us get Read More

Why I Hate Sleepovers

Typically for our kids’ birthdays, Tony and I either plan a family outing or purchase one special item( i.e. a bike) rather than dispense a truckload of gifts.  We’re hitting the zoo for Teddy’s second b-day (which was Monday) and originally, Addie and Byron were going to host all their friends at a joint bowling Read More

Hit the Beach and Avoid Sandwiches

    As you may have noticed if you’ve spent any time poking around my blog lately, I enjoy hauling my family to the beach. Despite all the sand, sun and sweat, I tend to have as much fun as the kids. My love affair with the beach goes back early in my childhood. I Read More

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