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{p,h,f,r} A Field Trip Focused on Saltwater Ecosystems

I’ve been saying since the beginning of March, that the first warm sunny day we got was going to become a beach day. Enter Monday with temperatures above 50 and clear sunny skies; field trip!!! {funny} And the first spring beach trip of the year always calls for photos. I did try to warn the Read More

See Me Homeschool: Lucky Friday the 13th

I’m happy to join the “See Me Homeschool” blog hop with Theresa and Micaela. Normally, I wouldn’t pick February to participate in such a thing, since by February, we’re all sort of ‘blah’, (this week is a ‘Science’ week, which means lots of NOVA specials.) But, Theresa said “just pictures” so I thought, I can Read More

Ghost of Christmas Past

Before I sign off for the Christmas season (not all of it, just until next week), I wanted to share some of my favorite Christmas memories. This year, as a present to my parents, I’ve offered to sort through all their old photos, currently tossed hither and thither throughout their house and attempt to put Read More

Pumpkin Guts and Spice and Everything Nice

  I’m linking up with lots o’ lovely ladies today to share some of my favorite fall decorations. Namely, pumpkins or jack o’ lanterns. Growing up, my parents were never keen to carve pumpkins, so my sister and I would each decorate a pumpkin with paint or markers. I vowed that when I was older Read More

EDEL ’14 : Snapshots and Flo Rida

I’m going to the beach in two hours, so I can’t type out all the awesome that was Edel 2014. All I can do is drop a few pictures and captions in, as time and wifi permit, along with a blurry karaoke video that might be my ticket to viral online success. Safe to say, Read More

{p,h,f,r} Milestones and Additions

Linking up at Like Mother, Like Daughter because this was a week for pictures! {pretty} Edith Arlene’s First Holy Communion! I didn’t forget all the hype I’d given this dress. I’ve got the pictures I promised, but not nearly as many as I anticipated. Thankfully, many other families were snapping shots during the ceremony and Read More

13 in 13: A Year In Pictures And Wordy Captions

Coming to you live from the sixth day of mirth and merriment inside the twelve days of Christmas! Last year, Dwija hosted a ’12 in 12′ photo link-up. Over a few glasses of spiked something recently, I was thinking of it, got nostalgic and immediately ran to my computer and started scrolling through old posts Read More

{SQT} Seven Pictures for the Uninitiated

Swiping the always lovey Jen’s idea and, after an exhaustive five minute scroll through my media files, sharing seven photos that tell you everything you need to know about my blog. 1. Me in ridiculous poses, selfies and outfits. I never received enough attention as a child so I constantly plaster myself all over this Read More

{p,h,f,r} Overflowing With Books

I’ve mentioned a couple of times to visiting friends that I decorate with books. We have many shelves placed wherever there’s wall space and they’re just bursting with titles. I can’t think of any shelves we have that aren’t spilling over with books as opposed to say, dusty trinkets and collectables. Maybe just the dining Read More

{p,h,f,r} Natural Wonder Overload

Linking up again for the first time in ages with everyone at Like Mother, Like Daughter. Just so you don’t forget how I roll around here, I’m going to start off with my trademark sunset. {pretty} WOOT! I think it’s very fitting that on the feast of St. Laurence the sky at dusk resembled a Read More

{p,h,f,r} And Theme Thursday: All About Fire

Joining all the ladies at Like Mother, Like Daughter and Cari for another exciting round of photos that capture the essence of the Mantoan household without any of the¬†offensive¬†odors. We held a belated bonfire for the Feast of the Sacred Heart. (Flames of the Sacred Heart, get it???) If you’ve spent any time around my Read More

Life With Fulton: Taking The Show On The Road

Welcome to the first post in a¬†sporadic¬†series about life with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Mantoan style. I hope to give my readers a glimpse into our “normal.” My goal is not to invoke pity about our situation or platitudes about our¬†extraordinary¬†abilities, but to reveal that God does indeed qualify the called rather than the other way Read More

Back To Life, Back To Reality…sob

The only thing worst than packing for a vacation is arriving home and jumping right back into life full force. We wrapped up our month-long break with a week in the Outer Banks capped off with a family visit in Virginia. Then today, BAM! back to school and work and not having my husband around Read More

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