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{SQT} How To Stop Hating Facebook

There are two kinds of people; those who hate Facebook, but are on it anyway, and those who hate Facebook and actually stay off of it for months, maybe years. I don’t know anyone who gushes about how great Facebook is. Usually, it’s complaints about online drama. From that awkward, vague status someone posted that Read More

{SQT} Training For The Rest Of Us

Thank you for all the early support for 35K For SMA! Solicitation letters and emails are in the works! I registered for my first race and after next Saturday, press releases are going out, because it’s go big or go home around here! (All the exclamation points all the time!!!!!) At least until the school Read More

{SQT} Hosting Third World Visitors

I’m going to start with something light: 1.  I always thought earrings went on ears, but maybe that’s why I’m not known for my fashion sense or home decor. 2. And now a mystery! What do you suppose this is a photo of?? If you answered “Seventeen lab vials that need to be filled with Read More

{SQT} I’m A Bad Mom, And You Probably Are Too

Feeling inadequate in your parenting duties this week? Wondering if you’re putting your children on the fast track to success or Slip and Slide to delinquency? Well hold onto your wine glass because I’ve discovered the secrets to successful child rearing buried deep within the pages of a 1940’s parenting book entitled, ‘In Your Hands’. Prop the baby up Read More

{SQT}The Closest I’ll Get To Winning On A Game Show

From the depths of the Garden State, it’s Seven Quick Takes! It’s just as you suspected; now that we’ve got a sweet new ride I’m spending all my free time driving around the block slowly with my windows down, seat laid back and Jay-Z’s ‘Big Pimpin’ blasting from the stereo. Don’t worry the kids keep Read More

{SQT}A Van, A Hutch And A Husband’s Soothing Text

Bringing up the rear of Jen’s Quick Takes this week because 1.) reverse order link-ups are so May 2013 and 2.) I was busy watching a stretching DVD last night. (If the results prove as miraculous as I hope, I’ll let you know. And don’t worry, it doesn’t involve me in spandex.) Now off to Read More

{SQT} Yearbook Inscriptions: How I Remember You

Kelly, would you please stop mothering, nursing, teaching, cooking, cleaning and waking up a million times a night and sit your lazy butt down and blog?? As you wish. Some takes for those who sacrifice for me to do so. 1. A good friend of mine shared this article on Facebook the other day and Read More

{SQT} Six Molasses Takes

Today’s blogging goal?  I’m not going to be whiny, long-winded, negative or come across as “mentally unstable.” You can give me a grade in the comboxes. 1. I’m so organized, this week I put my kid’s toys on a weekly schedule. The low down: condense 95 percent of the toys on the first floor into Read More

{SQT} Assorted Answers Of the QT Variety

My life has been so unfunny and blah lately. I was going to title my Quick Takes “Seven horrible things about starting school right back up after vacation” but decided there’s little humor in the vivid description of me in a dirty bathrobe hiding in bed at 10:30 a.m. with a cold mug of coffee. Read More

{SQT} The Extraordinary Edition

Grace-MWAH! Love her. Enabling me to slack once again, with the smug satisfaction that I will still be numero uno, if just for a couple of minutes. This week I am dedicating my takes to anyone and everyone who has even remotely considered attending the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. Yes, the Latin Mass. Our Read More

{SQT} In Which You Wonder Why You Keep Coming Back

Last night was the first time in about a week I didn’t spend an hour listening to one of Teddy’s late night temper tantrums. You might think a good night’s sleep would equal a Super Awesome Quick Takes, with the power to whiten your teeth and banish dandruff! But you’d be wrong. Now behold the Read More

{SQT} I Can Be Made To Scream Like A Little Girl

“So shall the last be first, and the first last. …” Matthew 20:16 Even in blogging baby, even in blogging. Woot! Thanks to Jen for encouraging my tardiness this week with her reverse order Quick Takes. 1. But really, my delay in posting can best be summarized with four words; post traumatic stress disorder, or Read More

{SQT}Highlights From A Typical Week

Joining with Jen again this week for another installment of Seven Quick Takes. 1.Everyone loves my hands on Alexander the Great unit study. And, it no wonder, honestly. It’s chocked full of all the things kids love; rote memorization, pop quizzes, ditto pages, tons of tiny intricate pieces that need cut out and glued back Read More

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