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{SQT} A Bullseye

Although I would really like to be remembered  for the high quality of my writing; today, I’m going to subject you to a description of my recent trip to Target. Would we call this a “writing slump?” I don’t know, just be sure to check back next week to get the scoop on tomorrow’s Easter Read More

{SQT} Dear Children, Seven Things To Remember

As a Catholic blogger I’m pretty sure it’s a mortal sin to not write about the election of a new pope….. but there’s no canon law that says it can’t be in Quick Takes form, however random, or long-winded,  that form may be. If you’re tired of reading such reflections, just skip right back to Read More

{SQT} Five Plus Two; Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

THANK GOODNESS I got tagged by Ana and Jessie to tell five things about myself cause I was hard up for anything to write about for this weeks Quick Takes. Every so often I go through spells where the ideas just keep flying at me like stink bugs. Then I have weeks like this where Read More

{SQT} Happy Ani-birth-og Giveaway!

To celebrate my first blog-o-versary day, I thought I’d host my first giveaway! It was pretty hard to line up sponsors. I know some bloggers who just get all types of cool stuff thrown at them; rugs, clothes, cleaning supplies, jewelry, books, phones, single Croatian women…oh, wait, that last one was from my spam folder. Anyway, Read More

{SQT} First World Lenten Whining

Is Lent over yet? The last few days have just been so spiritually fulfilling, and I’ve already sacrificed oh so much, I can’t fathom how adding another 37 days could possibly do me much more good. In fact, it might be unhealthy. Do you think my confessor will buy it? Yeah, I don’t think so either. Read More

{SQT} Actually, Just One Knock Off

1,2,3,4,5,6,7 It’s tech week people. Cut me some blogging slack. I’m performing for a paying crowd for the next three days. Pray for good weather, because our parish needs the money for a new roof. Last night I performed for my kids and husband, which is always my most nerve-wracking performance. Thankfully, they thought  I Read More

{SQT} The Results Are In…

1. And it’s official, I’m SHEENAZING!!! In a underappriciated sort of way that is. 2. Wow, just wow. I mean, wow. First I just want to thank God and the big JC for coming through for me. And then next my husband Tony for allowing me to spend so much time on the interweb, I Read More

{SQT} Completed While Santas Were Watching

I just read over at Jen’s that I need to “be myself” to be a successful blogger. I guess that means that this weeks 7 Quick Takes are going to involve lots of curse words and pajama wearing, capped off by a warm glass of boxed wine. Okay, seriously, nominations are finished and I need Read More

{SQT} Trying To Create A Title Without Using The Word Barf Is Impossible

Nothing, NOTHING shoots down a new week, month, semester, year like a stomach bug. Upside, it’s the perfect way to lose those extra holiday pounds. The downside is how inconsiderate everyone’s digestive systems become. And as I don’t want to delve into details any more descriptive, I’ll move on with the Quick Taking. 1. Of Read More

{SQT} Lucky 2013 And Seven Resolutions I’ve Already Broken

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 12 minutes of uninterrupted time at the computer to type up by belated quick takes – GO! Coming up with resolutions geared towards healthy, well-organized deep spiritual who-ha are hard to formulate while the household is still in Christmas vacation mode. Namely, it’s just loud Read More

{SQT} 2012 Christmas Letter

Dear family member, friend, stalker or random stranger, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hopefully this letter finds you celebrating in the revelry of the Christmas season. Our family keeps our decorations up until February second, so reading this letter before then fulfills any obligation we have to each other of yearly holiday correspondence. Now Read More

{SQT} Praying For A Healthy Christmas

1. We kicked off the week by taking Fulton to the ER on Sunday morning with breathing difficulties and a fever. I was thinking pneumonia and overnight admission, but thankfully, it was “only” a double ear infection, cold and dehydration combo that came out of nowhere. 2. We were discharged after eight hours of observation. Read More

{SQT} Step Away From The Display; A Christmas Gift Avoidance Guide

With five kids, it’s easy to get inundated with toys at Christmas. Without becoming a windbag bemoaning the materialism of the holidays, I’m going to just put down seven things that are not to be given as gifts to my children this year.Family members, I know you’re reading this.  You can spend as much as Read More

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