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{SQT} {WIWS} Sunday Dump

This here will be one of them thar posts where I dump a ton of random stuff on you and then walk away for bit. It’s really fall, even in New Jersey. Exhibit A: massive left piles that will rot into the ground all winter and kill the spring grass. Exhibit B: Beach withdraw, which Read More

{SQT} ENFJ Gift Guide, Because I Can’t Help Being Organized

I’m on a gift guide kick this week. I created four lists on Etsy to help my readers find the best handmade and Catholic gifts for men, women, children and extended family and friends. But it wasn’t enough. Who was left? Then I started thinking about all those trendy bloggers talking about their Myers Briggs Read More

{SQT} Seven Pictures for the Uninitiated

Swiping the always lovey Jen’s idea and, after an exhaustive five minute scroll through my media files, sharing seven photos that tell you everything you need to know about my blog. 1. Me in ridiculous poses, selfies and outfits. I never received enough attention as a child so I constantly plaster myself all over this Read More

{SQT} It’s All About The Walker Baby

So Kelly, what have you been up to during the last month? Oh you know, just saving every box that came into our house so I could make a cardboard AT-ST Walker costume for Halloween. “Does the UPS man have a package for us today??? Kids, chase his truck and see if he’ll throw us Read More

{SQT} Be Gone Pinterest Envy!

I successfully completed a Pinterest project recently (or maybe I should say my husband completed a Pinterest project for me) and I’m still riding the high. Since signing up for Pinterest, I’ve pinned a bunch of cool ideas and completed several items from my boards with mixed results. I love Pinterest despite the fact that Read More

{SQT} A Week Of Random Proportions

After another exciting week full of missed trips to the potty, I present my seven quick takes. 1. Thanks to everyone reading and sharing my handicap parking post. It’s been getting some really kind and thoughtful comments as well. I could probably do a whole series of angry handicap posts like, “Dear healthy people filling Read More

{SQT} Of The Divine Nature

Coming back to Quick Takes after a few weeks off, with all the fanfare befitting a deity, because; 1. The older kids were way too quick in correcting him. I should’ve been allowed to enjoy my immortal status a bit longer. Oh wait I can because, BOOM, nectar of the gods! 2. Okay, now before Read More

{SQT} Bats, Ice Cream Cake And Keeping Everyone Happy

Nothing like trying to cobble something together the day after a successful post. No self-imposed pressure hear folks. 1. I start by sending you elsewhere to read the wisdom of the Universal Homeschool Mom translator. There are several I could add to this, many, many of which might include Latin, but I’ll save that for Read More

{SQT} Fast And Furious Starting at Five

Time for some quick takes. Right out of the starting gate, 1. Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve been blogging with some frequency this week. (Yes I have and yes, you’re impressed.) The secret to this burst in posts is waking up at 5 a.m. I know, I can’t believe it either. A week ago, I would’ve Read More

{SQT} How To Stop Hating Facebook

There are two kinds of people; those who hate Facebook, but are on it anyway, and those who hate Facebook and actually stay off of it for months, maybe years. I don’t know anyone who gushes about how great Facebook is. Usually, it’s complaints about online drama. From that awkward, vague status someone posted that Read More

{SQT} Training For The Rest Of Us

Thank you for all the early support for 35K For SMA! Solicitation letters and emails are in the works! I registered for my first race and after next Saturday, press releases are going out, because it’s go big or go home around here! (All the exclamation points all the time!!!!!) At least until the school Read More

{SQT} Hosting Third World Visitors

I’m going to start with something light: 1.  I always thought earrings went on ears, but maybe that’s why I’m not known for my fashion sense or home decor. 2. And now a mystery! What do you suppose this is a photo of?? If you answered “Seventeen lab vials that need to be filled with Read More

{SQT} I’m A Bad Mom, And You Probably Are Too

Feeling inadequate in your parenting duties this week? Wondering if you’re putting your children on the fast track to success or Slip and Slide to delinquency? Well hold onto your wine glass because I’ve discovered the secrets to successful child rearing buried deep within the pages of a 1940’s parenting book entitled, ‘In Your Hands’. Prop the baby up Read More

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