{SQT} Part 2 Of ‘The Florida Adventure’, Coming Soon To A Quick Takes Near You!

Seven Quick Takes

And now for the thrilling conclusion to “The Waistband of My Skirt Is Cutting Painfully Into My Extended Gut” a.k.a. #nationalmantoanwintervacation. (For the record, I didn’t mean to take another week to complete last week’s Takes but…. here we are anyway. But don’t worry, I made the remaining takes EXTRA wordy! And dropped in a […]


{SQT} Florida In Review, Part 1.

Seven Quick Takes

Where to start when describing the trip of a lifetime? So as to not bore you, I’ll try to keep it under 10,000 words and with only a few pictures, so as to not slow down your page loading time to a crawl. 1. We drove to Florida from New Jersey. Baking Memories generously covered […]


{SQT} Still Not Ready For Lent

Seven Quick Takes

Remember last week when I said I’d have a Quick Takes post detailing my Lenten plans ready for this week, despite the fact that I’d be in Florida?? Yes, well, I typed that with the best of intentions and then promptly made time for 100 other more important things (like laundry, packing, and last minute […]


Valentines For Ash Wednesday

Humor, Seven Quick Takes

Ash Wednesday/ St. Valentine’s Day/ the Feast of Sts Cyril and Methodius is right around the corner! How about a few more Valentines to help you celebrate the start of Lent with your sweetheart? DONE! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Need more Valentines? Find some HERE and HERE. On Sunday, we leave for […]


{SQT} Sensible Online Etiquette

Humor, Seven Quick Takes

  Like most folks who spend any time online, I notice that conversations can quickly get out of hand. A simple status or blog post can launch a barrage of angry comments and responses, and pull otherwise sensible people away from their families for longer than they should to argue about something that ultimately doesn’t […]


{SQT} What I’m NOT Doing in 2018

Seven Quick Takes

Now that we’ve all set, and perhaps broken, our 2018 New Year’s resolutions, how about creating a list of things we’re not going to do this year? (√† la 2016) 1. Put off cleaning for a party until the day (hour?) ¬†before. Seriously…for realz. Not this year. Not. this. year. I mean, last minute efforts […]


State o’ the Bloggo

Seven Quick Takes

It’s time for me to over-think the data from my recent reader survey and share the funniest comments left by my stalkers…I mean devoted fans! I’ll try to keep it to seven. 1. Some of the info wasn’t surprising at all. Most of my readers are married women in their thirties with kids. Even the […]


2017 Year End Review

Seven Quick Takes

Sorry, this will be twelve takes instead of seven. BUT!! I encourage you (if you don’t already have a super sweet #7QT lined up) to create your own year-end review post and link it up below. Now you can’t say you don’t have anything to write about. I’ll give a photo, summary, my top ten […]


We Don’t Celebrate Advent

Catholic, Seven Quick Takes

Now that I lured you in with that click bait title you can relax: our family has not abandoned Advent! However, we definitely don’t celebrate it – we observe it the way we do Lent (though not as strictly), and we celebrate Christmas in its proper time (for twelve days, and in small ways up […]