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{SQT} More Mary, Hospital Help, And Another Giveaway!

1. Let’s keep the streak going with another Seven Quick Takes + #31DaysofMary. Not sure what I’m talking about with that long hashtag? Check out this post, or tl:dr, I’m blogging everyday this month, and featuring miraculous Marys from around the globe. So far we’ve got: Our Lady of Siluva, Lithuania Our Lady of the Read More

{SQT} Activities, Books, And More Likes Please

1. Jumping right into some wintry Quick Takes, because Mother Nature doesn’t seem to know it’s April. (scavenging up some coppers with a few affiliate links too) via GIPHY 2. Fulton started baseball last week. Practices/ games are twice a week and are fun, low stress events. He really enjoys it, but would like bigger Read More

{SQT} Five, Seven, Five

We haven’t even wrapped up the Easter Octave and everyone in the family is a mess from all the junk food we’ve managed to consume in such a short amount of time. I’ll spare you the details, but I’m tired, yet I can’t. stop. stealing everyone’s candy. And so, here’s Seven Quick Takes in haiku. Read More

{SQT}The Year Fasting Became Hard Again, And Other Tales From The Lenten Trenches

For the last few Lents, I’ve shared my goals; what I’m giving up, doing, or not doing, in the run up to Easter. With our Florida trip coinciding nicely with Ash Wednesday, that didn’t happen…though I truly did have the best of intentions! So, instead of the long post sharing what strange eating plan I’ve Read More

{SQT} What I’m NOT Doing in 2018

Now that we’ve all set, and perhaps broken, our 2018 New Year’s resolutions, how about creating a list of things we’re not going to do this year? (à la 2016) 1. Put off cleaning for a party until the day (hour?)  before. Seriously…for realz. Not this year. Not. this. year. I mean, last minute efforts Read More

{SQT} Games For Cabin Fever, Homeschooling Advice, And SURVEY SAYS!

Temperatures dipped into the single digits this week which meant 1. we’ve all been stuck inside. 2. I am planning a beach trip tomorrow because temps are predicted to be in the high 40s and that sounds like summer weather. (Yesterday was warm and today feels like spring, complete with an all day drizzle that Read More

{SQT} Merry Christmas, I’m A Unicorn.

Greetings readers and random internet bots! I’m back from my Advent break, but admittedly, still in the midst of holiday celebrations and travels, so it will be the quickest of takes as I dip my toes back into blogging waters. 1. My Advent was great, in the sense that I used my time to prepare Read More

{SQT} School, Spinraza and Some Gift Ideas

Feels like it’s been awhile; how about some old school takes? 1. On Sunday, November 19th we celebrated my mom’s 65th birthday and her retirement from a company she’s worked at for 41 years. She’d planned a big party, with tons of food, and friends and family I hadn’t seen in years. Best comment was Read More

{SQT} The Usual Late October Costume Panic and Related Pandemonium

It’s my favorite time of year! Crazy October ‘when everything happens at once’ time! Yay!!!!!!! Let’s jump right into the fun shall we?? 1. The boys were scheduled to get their fourth Spinraza doses on Monday (background on Spinraza here) and unfortunately, Teddy came down with a stomach bug on Sunday into early Monday morning Read More

{SQT} Piano Bars and Additional Ramps

Happy Fri-yay! I’m pushing through the fatigue to drop you seven hot takes today! Shall we begin? 1. I turned 39 last week and on Saturday my parents gave me a record player for my birthday. If I wasn’t 39 I’m pretty sure this would up my hipster street cred…and if I hadn’t run out Read More

{SQT} School, Schedules, and North Korea

The little boys have wrapped up a week of school, and our homeschool has finished up our third with only minimal yelling and tears! Even from me! 1. We are still adjusting. Fulton’s bus arrives about 6:45 a.m. which means I’m awake at 5:30 a.m. preparing his lunch, drinking coffee, waking him by 5:50 a.m. Read More

{SQT} Slacking

Even in Jersey, we are officially back to school. My older three started last week while Fulton started this week on Wednesday. Teddy starts back tomorrow (after missing the first day due to Spinraza doses today.) I snapped a few shots of the teens and tween (while yelling constantly that this was to be A NICE Read More

How To Be Thankful When God Gives You What You Want

Last week as I sat in the hospital with Fulton during his four-hour observation window, I tried, between the nurse interruptions and (mis)alarming equipment, to hash out a Quick Takes post. By the time we left that night and got home I was too spent to reread and edit it into something coherent, thus the Read More

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