Your Child Can Attend the Catholic College of Your Dreams

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Everyone is talking about the college bribing scandal, and the lengths some wealthy parents went to to secure their childrens’ admission into a few Ivy League schools. Although somewhat shocking, we need to admit that nothing is more important than enrolling our children into top schools by any means necessary. As Catholics, we know it’s […]


Spread the Word: Accepting the Gift


While I know the majority of my readers are not special needs parents, I know a devoted segment of you are. And those not raising special needs children themselves probably know Catholic parents who are living with this unique blessing. It’s why now I’m sharing all the details on my upcoming conference in the hopes […]


Because I Got Ambitious


This was the week to start our new homeschooling semester! To establish new routines! To make real progress on my conference and book! But the universe laughed and said “Haha, no way! It’s time for you to get struck with an awful virus that will leave you in bed for days!” The only thing I’ve […]


The Mess of the Last Decade


Less than 24 hours until renters take possession of our old home and we still have an entire room to paint and lots of cleaning to do. No takes from me this week, but hopefully an update on everything thing else here soon. Happy Feast of Candlemas tomorrow and Go Rams! An InLinkz Link-up


2018 Christmas Letter


Greetings to all my friends and family! Some of you may be getting a Christmas card, but unfortunately, not all of you. Please consider this Christmas letter a substitute for a photo card; one you can reference frequently through the coming year when you wish to feel closer to yours truly! Tony started a new […]


Calling All Followers! Big News!


Yesterday I made a big announcement – I signed a book deal with a Catholic publisher! I’ll share more details soon, but I just couldn’t wait any longer. Originally, I shard a picture on Instagram, then tried to share on Facebook, but something wasn’t working. It was a reminder of why relying on social media […]


{SQT} Episode LATER


Hoping to get my post up before I head out of town for a GIRLS WEEKEND. Yes, I’ve discovered these mythical things really do exist and I’ll get to experience one first hand! Details later. But feel free to link up your post NOW and check back in a bit. An InLinkz Link-up SaveSave


Dusting Off My Top Hat And Cane


Nothing too exciting to report…except that I’ll be going to NYC tonight to help Catholic A-lister Jennifer Fulwiler celebrate the release of her new book ‘One Beautiful Dream’! via GIPHY Since her party is at the upscale Yale Club in downtown Manhattan, I’m going dressed as the fanciest person I could think of- the Monopoly […]


2018 Magical Resolutions


The imperative to create and post my resolutions directly corresponds to my mood at year’s end. If fall felt harried and Advent and Christmas rushed, then chances are, I’m eager to commit to lofty goals for the following year. However, since I didn’t feel like I dropped every ball these last few weeks, I’ve been […]