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How To Use Facebook Groups to Build A Community

When Tony and I moved our family to New Jersey twelve years ago, it wasn’t meant to last. New Jersey was supposed to be a temporary stop on our way somewhere, anywhere, else. But shortly after arriving we found our current parish, one in which we finally weren’t the only family with lots of young Read More

My Husband and I Are Still Madly In Love And Happily Married After More Than 16 Years

Friday the 13th is a lucky day this month since it happens to be our 16th wedding anniversary. In general, I tend to think of 13 as a lucky number just because of my anniversary (and Fatima….totally also the Fatima apparitions). People keep asking me if we’re doing something “special” and I’m like, maybe??? Applebee’s does Read More

{SQT} Memorials, Side Bangs and Prayer Requests

Usual miscellany this week. 1. First, let us stop to pause and remember the great bat tragedy of March 30, 2013, an evening that will forever live in infamy. When a large 13 pound bat emerged from the attic of our house to terrorize me while the children slept and Tony was off at our Read More

{SQT} College Reunion Delay

  Still waiting to hear back from Megan as to whether or not her company would like to partner with me on my recent fashion post. Breaking down the week in seven while I sit and twiddle my thumbs. 1. I recently finished the book ‘Daily Rituals’ by Mason Currey. I’d learned of it via Read More

2017 Resolutions: It’s Not Official Until They’re Public

Everyone can let out a collective sigh of relief because my New Year’s resolution post is finally done! I just can’t kiss 2016 goodbye, until I share last year’s goals and my dismal success rate. But thankfully I learned to look for that silver lining amidst all the chaos! Let’s jump in. 2016 Resolutions 1.Finish Read More

2016 Year in Review

It’s the time of year to reflect, reminisce and blog feelings of nostalgia. Prepare for a brief overview with pictures. I’ll write another post about my resolutions, goals and deep feelings of inadequacy. (Plus the 2017 beast! I don’t even know what creature will shape my destiny this year!)  Each month has a photo or two, Read More

{SQT} Hosting Update #1

Hey guys, guess what? Hosting two kids in your house who don’t speak English is actually kinda hard work! How about I break this first week down in seven? 1. First, Bart and Lisa, though being from Springfield, do not speak Springy. They live in a part of Springfield heavily influenced by their  Shelbyville neighbors Read More

Seven Ways To Get Started With A Planner So You’ll Stick With It

Since introducing ‘The Best Laid Plans’ almost two years ago, I’ve gotten to talk to women online and at conferences about what they liked about my planner, or other popular planners. Many have also shared their struggles with not being able to stick with any planner. Now, I don’t know everything about planning and organization, Read More

How You Can Help

 Since publicly announcing our plans to host orphans this holiday season, many people, online and in real life, have asked how they can help our family. It’s part of the reason I mentioned fundraising in my last post; I already knew there was interest. After giving it some thought, I wanted to compile everything in Read More

Wedding Registry Regrets, 15 Years Later

Last week, Teddy requested a trip to Ocean City, NJ for his sixth birthday. Since this week Tony and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary, and the beach is one of our favorite places too, it seemed fitting to run away to the shore for a few days to celebrate both events. FIFTEEN years! We Read More

Rambling Birthday Thoughts or, 38 is Great

It’s my birthday! Go me for living another year and keeping everyone in my house alive too! Though I’m sure Tony and divine intervention played some small part in both those feats. Cue nostalgic music… Birthdays are one of those times during the year when I reflect back, and think about my plans for the Read More

{SQT} Travel, Day Trips and Cheese Curds

1. ROAD TRIP! Things I love about road trips: arriving at the destination and visiting with family Things I hate: everything else about sitting in a van with six other people for 16 hours Highlights have included: 2. Doing the drive in one day because damnit, Tony and I are beasts behind the wheel. Beasts Read More

My Weekend, AKA When God Wants You To Do Something, You Do It

What a great weekend! Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table at the IHM National Parenting and Homeschool Conference. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I had a lousy wifi and cell connection, so I didn’t get to post pictures or successfully do any live videos. So here’s a quick photo dump:     Read More

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