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Reduce, Reuse and Make Halloween Costumes

Time for a yearly round-up of Halloween costumes. (Yes, we also participate in an All Saints party but these are the costumes I slave over and adore. If that makes me a bad Catholic, so be it!) I thought this year I would actually break down how I made the costumes and the cost. I Read More

{SQT} Link-toberfest, the Finale

Welcome to the end of October! The month that always kicks my butt a little harder than the rest every year. 1.But why should you care? You might have won one of my awesome Link-toberfest prize packs!!! Blogger Prize Pack #1 Winner: Jen from Into Your Will Blogger Prize Pack #2 Winner: Ann-Marie from Ulczynski Read More

Find {SQT} at Fountains of Home

You’ve reached the home of Seven Quick Takes. Unfortunately, Kelly is traveling this week and unable to write up her usual collection of mirth and merriment. If you’d like to link up a post, please visit Christy at Fountains of Home.  To leave me a message, please state your name, number and the time that Read More

Site Fixed!

Thank you for everyone who let me know my site was hacked. I’m currently trying to work on the problem. Read More

#edel15 My Family Survived on Frozen Pizza While I Ate Grits

Surprise! I can’t catch up from a weekend away in one day. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that this week is a total loss. Now I can blog with less guilt. How to summarize Edel without rambling on into eternity or spending too much time on “you had to be there” details, while still Read More

#edel15 The Quotes

As you can probably imagine, coming home after a weekend away means spending all day Monday catching up. I’ve got some laundry to start, some meals to plan, a grocery list to compile and approximatley 1 million social media notifications and messages to respond to. Wowzers. Plus, I’m getting a late start to my day Read More

Sunday Funday Into Manic Monday

I finally feel well rested enough to start my week, though I’m not sure if I have enough added energy for all the catching up I need to do. But, how about a little recap of some of family fun? We spent the past weekend in Virginia with my husband’s oldest brother’s family. The weather Read More

I’m Not A Good Example Of How To Do It Well

A bit of honesty, without trying to sound like what I said I wanted to avoid.  In a nut shell, I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed around here lately. It started a couple of months back when we started seriously trying to get Fulton on a bathroom schedule (that I don’t wish to elaborate on too Read More

Five Things to do When You Have Writer’s Block

Since I started blogging three years ago, it’s been common for me to go through creative slumps, or dry spells, when I find it absolutely painful to formulate a post or even share a few favorites. In the past, I’d sometimes force myself to post anyway, often in a grumpy mood, and wind up with Read More

Mommy Play Fatigue Syndrome – RELIEF!

I admit to not being a “loves to play” mom. When one of my children asks me to play a board game (especially one he has created himself) my instinct is to find housework immediately, or if I’m tired, say “Mama needs to use the bathroom” for the next fifteen minutes. When my daughter asks Read More

Arbp. Sheen Inspires Me to be Sheenazing

WOW. I’m feeling all the happy feels right now! Certainly, I’d keep this blog up and running even without popular approval, but it’s great to know so many people are laughing right along with me when I post about fashion, planners and emails. Thank you readers! Humor isn’t just funny photos and ridiculous situations. Humor Read More

12 in 2014: Photos I’m Not Trying to Forget

Dwija does it again with a 12 in 2014 Photo Link Up! This thing is a Christmas tradition for me, just like eating candy for breakfast and collecting gift receipts! So, how did my year look?   January- It was pretty much the coldest winter ever and I hated every minute of it.    February-The Read More

Top Posts of 2014 According to Tea Leaves, Lunar Phases and a Spirit Journey Completed with a Jackal

On the fifth day of Christmas my favorite blogger gave to me, a listing of her top five blog posts!!!!! (Don’t tell me you’d prefer golden rings because that’s not in my budget.) My family is still in celebration mode; and I’ve got the bloat and horrible skin to prove it. Plus, I think we Read More

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