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Handmade Bookmarks: When You Needed a Present Yesterday

I’m guest posting at Susan’s today about handmade bookmarks. They make a great gift and are easy to make with items easily found around your house. Even the littlest member of the family can help. (Whether you bust out the glitter is up to you.) Be sure to stop by Sole Searching Mama for all Read More

{MMD} Your Opportunity To Browse

Anne is inviting her readers to share their bookshelves, and I couldn’t resist. When I read her post about scanning the bookshelves in the homes she visited, I instinctively nodded along. I’ve scanned, and borrowed, many a favorite title from my closest acquaintances. And although I’ve tried to upload my library to Library Thing or Read More

Reading and Writing

I have a new-found respect for authors. Certainly I knew penning my first novel wouldn’t be easy, but, as evidenced by the embarrassingly low word count you can view on my sidebar, I’m finding it almost impossible to find time to write. Certainly, my new schedule of waking up at 5 a.m. helps, but only Read More

Avoiding Real Housework By Cleaning Up My Feedly

If you’ve eagerly clicked through to see what ensemble I was rocking to Mass this week, please don’t close this tab in anger. Despite selecting a totally hot (in the most Mormon sense of of the word) outfit and wearing it all day in the hopes of taking a picture; didn’t happen. I remember thinking Read More

Taking A Pit Stop Along The Way

Welcome to everyone stopping by from!┬áI’m flattered to be a part of the Small Steps Blog Tour for Day 9, Diligence. If this is your first visit, feel free to read some of my popular posts listed on the left or explore my categories and archives. If you’ve got some questions about Spinal Muscular Read More

Happy Birthday Teddy

Sorry kids, only Teddy gets the dedicated photo collage birthday post. Maybe for Halloween I’ll share his horrendous birth story. Until then, enjoy these photos of our baby who arrived six weeks early and continues to amaze us everyday. And do I intend to be snapping pictures of my 18 year old holding a baby Read More

Complacency, Comparisons and Ultimate Contentment

I had to take a step back from my usual link ups this weekend and get my priorities back in line. I’ve been feeling scattered for a bit now and in trying to get my life reorganized and back on track I stumbled further from the path and almost got myself completely lost. I’d been Read More

Theme Thursday: Self Portrait

Linking up with Cari for my first Theme Thursday. I sort of have a thing for selfies so this seemed like a good time to jump on board. But seeing as my mood is currently not all “sheenazing” I went a little more high school photo class project with it. There’s lots of deep and Read More

What Is The Reality?

whelm 1. to submerge or engulf 2. to overwhelm As Teddy screams and the pile of dirty dishes multiplies before my eyes…. As I’m trapped in a bedroom caring for one child and three more argue in the school room… As I stare at half-finished home construction through tired eyes that have not seen uninterrupted Read More

{SQ….aw, just forget it.

I’m feeling grumpy today so no quick takes because who wants seven paragraphs of ‘I’m being moody and irrational.”? I really tried typing up a funny post but I kept drifting towards the word “hatred” or adult language so I realized maybe I shouldn’t attempt humor while I’m seething inside. It’s been one of those Read More

Save On Potamitis Books!

After my last post, I got a wonderful email from Potamitis Publishing owner Dionysios, who is offering my readers a 10 percent discount on their books, plus FREE express shipping from Greece. So if you were on the fence about whether or not to purchase one of these beautiful books, wait no longer! I can’t Read More

Another Episode of Mantoan Family Prayers

Tony: Who are we saying prayers for tonight? Me: How about the Fulwiler family. Kids: Who???? Me: The Catholic lady with the TV show. Kids: ooohhhhhhhhhh Byron: Why what happened to them? Me: Well, Mrs. Fulwiler had her baby but he needs to be cared for in a NICU at a different hospital than where Read More

1st Birthday Wrap Up

A year ago this week, I made my husband register a new domain and explain, briefly, what this WordPress thing was. I messed around with some themes, typed in some words, hit publish and never looked back. ‘This Ain’t The Lyceum’ is really one year old. ┬áIndeed, time does fly when you’re having fun. (Except Read More

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