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My Capsule Wardrobe, a Year Later

Last year, like almost every other female I knew between the ages of 20-60, I purged my closet and jumped on the capsule wardrobe bandwagon. There were good intentions published online about regularly featuring my wardrobe via What I Wore Sunday, but those promises lasted until the temperature dropped and I could no longer take pictures outside. You were Read More

{WIWS} What is That Burning Orb in the Sky?

After throwing myself into a couple What I Wore Sunday posts early in the fall, temperatures dipped below fifty, meaning I couldn’t go outside and take nice pictures without being too dang cold or bundled up. And since the interior of my house might be, to, um “keeping it real”, I ditched the fashion shots Read More

{WIWS} I’m Not Here!

I’m guest posting over at Fine Linen and Purple today! Come read about your best bets online for finding cheap, yet stylish clothes plus, I belt my cardigan and immediately second guess myself. “It’s okay mama. I still love you.” -aspiring favorite child   Please head over to FLAP to read more details than necessary Read More

{WIWS} From Posting on Week 105 to Mrs. Worldwide!

It’s baaaaaack! And the novelty has not worn off! ¬†Middle aged mom working it for the camera and linking up with the FLAPers on week one oh five! I’d like to blame my trashed house on poltergeist but, I’ll just have to ‘fess up to spending all my time on Halloween costumes last week. So Read More

{wiws} The Pencil Skirt is No. 2 In My Heart

It seems last week’s WIWS link up never materialized. I hope I didn’t break something. But the capsule wardrobe frenzy is off and running around here. Even Kendra’s on board, and she’s started a link up so, I guess I might be over there partying on the bandwagon. This week, I introduce y’all to my Read More

{WIWS} Dusting Off An Old Favorite

For the first time in months (a year??) I’m linking up with What I Wore Sunday over at Fine Linen and Purple. Bonnie jumped back into it a couple of weeks ago and I thought, “Well, if Bonnie’s doing it, I gotta get back into it.” (And for the record, I’d totally follow Bonnie off Read More

The Homeschool Mom Capsule Wardrobe

Have you created a capsule wardrobe? What’s in your fall capsule? Have you encapsulated your life into 37 easy pieces??? You will magically look thinner, happier and have more style if you minimize your wardrobe to astronaut standards!!! Or cosmonaut standards. Whatever. Check out this gal’s sweet orange jumpsuit. And look how well everything fits Read More

{WIWS} Why I Hate Groundhogs

Yesterday we celebrated Candlemas, also known as the Presentation at the Temple or the Purification of Mary. The term Candlemas refers to the blessings of the candles that are done on this day, which was chosen because of Simeon’s words in the Gospel, Luke 2:32, “A light to the revelation of the Gentiles, and the Read More

{SQT} {WIWS} Sunday Dump

This here will be one of them thar posts where I dump a ton of random stuff on you and then walk away for bit. It’s really fall, even in New Jersey. Exhibit A: massive left piles that will rot into the ground all winter and kill the spring grass. Exhibit B: Beach withdraw, which Read More

{WIWS} 35K4SMA Style With A Side Of Sickness

I really thought this was going to be the 5K that I enjoyed, that completely changed my mind about running, and convinced me that running is invigorating and rewarding in it’s own right. You see where this is going right? Rewind to Sunday morning. Here I am looking cute in our dirty hallway mirror. Scarf: Read More

{WIWS} The Most Clothes Any Woman Was Sporting On Campus

Just a recap of the usual Sunday fashion with a side of head wounds thrown in. My head wounds, which is what makes them unusual. I’m sporting two, which is typically the minimum for one or all of the boys in the house. But despite clocking the corner of the microwave door and scraping my Read More

{WIWS} I’m Not Wearing A Dirndl

It’s another episode of What I Wore Sunday, combined with a lackluster summary of our weekend. I didn’t want to bore you on Friday with seven low lights from our week, so you’ll have to take what you can get here. Let the potporri begin! First, the high fashion you’ve come to expect. Dress: Goodwill Read More

{WIWS} Bacon You Can Wear

Y’all know I’m a Lila Rose fan, but Flexi love aside, I just scored the coolest hair clips EVER. They combine my love of bacon ¬†in a practical, ready to wear, grease free form.¬† A friend found these for me and passed them along, and I’m so glad she did! Look at how well they Read More

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