COVID In Da House

The inevitable has happened; COVID has entered our home. On Tuesday, after a couple days of mild congestion and coughing, Byron took a COVID test (we had several at home thanks to Fulton’s nursing agency) and it gave a positive result pretty quickly. We assume he picked it up at work. Tuesday was also the day Teddy got his second COVID shot. I guess I knew that someone in the house would eventually get COVID, I’d just hoped that Teddy would be further out from his second shot before we had to test everyone’s immunity.

Addie took a test and was negative. She headed back to school on a Greyhound early Wednesday morning (like, 3 a.m. early). Initially, she needed to get back early for a fencing tournament, but she got word on Tuesday that it was cancelled due to COVID. She elected to head back early anyway, and I don’t blame her. I think she wanted to get back to her private room and life of relative silence. Unfortunately, she started feeling sick on Saturday. Is it COVID? The flu? Did she get it at home, on the bus, or from a roommate? Who knows. The soonest she can get a test is today so long as the campus testing center isn’t closed for the holiday. I was so happy she was able to head back for in-person classes for the spring semester, but it looks like she may miss some classes anyway. She had a bad cold in the fall, and I’m bummed she’s already sick again.

Edie also took a test and it was negative. She and the rest of us remain free of symptoms. We’re all staying put, and Byron is quarantining in the basement. Whenever he needs to come upstairs he puts on a N95 and avoids the rest of us. The community college pushed back its start day by a week so at least he’s not going to miss any of his classes. McDonald’s requires him to be symptom free for two days before returning to work.

Since we’re all vaccinated, I’m less worried than I would’ve been a year ago at this time. But even a mild infection could lay up either of the boys for awhile, so hopefully they remain symptom free. One of the biggest downsides is that three of Fulton’s nurses won’t work in our house if there’s a positive family member. I’m not mad at them, but the agency is short staffed, so as long as Byron, or anyone, is positive, I’ll be flying solo for half the week (we usually don’t have coverage on Sundays).

Teddy is now two months out from his spinal fusion surgery and is doing well. His back isn’t bothering him, but he continues to have nerve pain around his right hip, and down his right leg. We started school this week, and resumed our usual stretching routine. I need to take things slower than usual, and he’s stiff, but I’m hopeful that his pain will decrease and his flexibility increase. Fulton dealt with similar pain in both legs and I know it took awhile to completely resolve. Teddy has required some pain meds at bedtime and thankfully, he’s swallowing pills with no problems. We fought for so long over the awful tasting liquid medicines, and I was so afraid of pills being a choking hazard, but Teddy actually swallows pills easier than me so yay for progress in whatever form it takes.

Our back to school week included more take out than expected, but unfortunately, not the scheduled field trip. Repairs to the boys wheelchairs also got delayed for the second week in a row due to the repair guy being sick. But all in all, its all minor inconveniences compared to so many.

We’ll see how this week plays out. Thankfully we don’t have much going on, so staying put isn’t that difficult. But your prayers that everyone else stays healthy, and that Addie and Byron recover are much appreciated! Thank you!


  1. I’m so sorry to hear this. Praying that the vaccinations will prevent serious illness and promote a quick recovery for all.

  2. Prayers for swift recovery! FWIW, only Stefan and I got Covid in our house over Christmas. All our 5-12yo freshly vaccinated kids, including Oscar, did not get it, even the kid who was only a few days out from the second shot. I hope the rest of your are spared too, and that Byron and Addie feel better soon!

  3. Praying for you and your family! We are slowly returning to real life after our fun covid adventure. 10 of the 12 of us had it. Thankfully the two college boys left just in time.

  4. I hope Byron feels better soon and will test negative. Thank you for the updates—especially Teddy. He seems to be dealing with the pain like a (Storm) Trooper!

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