Dusting Off My Top Hat And Cane

Nothing too exciting to report…except that I’ll be going to NYC tonight to help Catholic A-lister Jennifer Fulwiler celebrate the release of her new book ‘One Beautiful Dream’!


Since her party is at the upscale Yale Club in downtown Manhattan, I’m going dressed as the fanciest person I could think of- the Monopoly Man! (Did you know his real name is Rich Uncle Pennybags?) I’ve invested in a bowtie, a top hat, a cane, a mustache and even a monocle! I couldn’t resist, even though that’s more Mr. Peanut than Monopoly Man.

I figured since I’m the type of person an Ivy-Leaque club tries to keep out, I’d need to pull out all the stops to gain admission, even with a ticket. Last time I went to Jen’s NYC book signing, things got…a bit out of hand (though I still got that signature!).

I’ll be sure to have plenty of shiny coppers to grease the palms of any questioning doormen, or throw at adoring fan girls who are blocking my view of Jen.

To prepare for the bustling crowds of NYC, I’ll be spending the first half of today chaperoning Teddy’s first grade class field trip to the aquarium. The quickly moving mobs of people in Manhattan will seem calm and orderly after directing a group of seven year olds around a sting ray touch tank. At least once I’m in NYC I will have a cane to maneuver through crowds and poke insolent cads. Sadly, the school administration has already vetoed cad poking on this field trip.

So check back later as I will update this post with pictures from my evening out. You can also follow me on Instagram for timely updates. Will I see anyone there?? #prepareforaselfie


Joe Fulwiler and I sporting our fancy Yale Club attire. Did anyone doubt that I would actually wear this??? BTW-no one else at the club was wearing a top hat. So weird.
Jen speaking to those in attendance.
Afterwards I reminded her that I still needed her to sign my book and she grabbed my cane.
Things escalated quickly from there.
Here’s Jen triumphantly wearing my top hat. That seemed to calm her down and I finally got my autograph.

Apologies to anyone who was following my Stories on IG and was expected less clips of me walking and talking and more of the actual party. I was busy taking pictures for everyone and being introduced by Jen as “the awesome Kelly Mantoan who dressed as the Monopoly Man” which was considered funny by approximately 2% of those in attendance (basically the Fulwiler family). But it was a great time. I love meeting new people at these things.

Lastly, to celebrate this excuse to dress up, I’m giving away a copy of ‘One Beautiful Dream: The Rollicking Tale of Family Chaos, Personal Passions, and Saying Yes to Them Both’. Enter using Rafflecopter below. One winner will be picked on May 1st, the book’s official release date.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Then, commence the usual linking up of the takes! Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quickest Takers. I look forward to reading posts!



  1. I would read the book on my couch. Then on my bed. I’d read out loud. Or in my head.

  2. Have a smashing good time! Mr Mobeybags is making me think of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Wouldn’t it be nice to borrow one of Ginger Roger’s dresses for the evening?

    If I win the book, I’m giving it to my sister- she would love the book.

  3. I”d take 7 yr olds in the aquarium over NYC any day. At least the chaos kids create is familiar, and bribes for good behavior do work with most of them. Enjoy your visit into the elevated realm of the Ivy League Club!

  4. If I win, I’ll read it the only time I ever have to read books – to the kids at bedtime!

  5. You’re making that stingray touch tank up, right? Right???

    I would read that book where I do everything unrelated to my grandchildren — in my bed. Why would I ever leave my bed if I didn’t have to?

  6. Have a great time tonight! I’d probably read on the couch, while pretending to admire whatever my children are building with blocks, or in bed, while pretending to sleep.

  7. I would read the book at my kitchen table where I grab bits of reading during lunchtime.

  8. I’d read the book on my couch in a top hat while poking insolent children (I mean cads!!) With a cane 😉 Hope you have a blast! Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I hear the book is amazing!

  9. I plan to read the book in my cozy bed hopefully by myself with children sleeping in their own beds. Haha as if

  10. I would read it while waiting for kids to get done with practices! My FAVORITE and only me-time that I have!

  11. I usually read on my lunch break at work. I remember so clearly reading Jen’s last book on a fishing date with my husband – he fished and I read. I wasn’t Catholic at the time and on the way home I told him that I was going to convert. 🙂

  12. I will read this book whilst bathing in my Olympic-sized bathtub of 24 karat gold and drinking all the gin I made in it. (I’m a very conflicted member of the 1%).

    1. And that question mark was supposed to be a laughing emoji but I guess it didn’t compute. 🙂

  13. I would attempt to read the book in my garage, over the squirmy body of my nursing toddler, surrounded by electronic manuals, wiring, actuators and small soldering torches. I’m trying to build a robot to clean my house, and it’s important I just keep working. I’m aiming for the voice and body of C3PO but with the personality of Woopi Goldberg and the efficiency of Kendra Tierney. It’s a challenging project, but it’s my beautiful dream.

  14. Thank you for the giveaway! I plan to read the book on my couch during kids’ naptime!

  15. Outside!!! Assuming it ever warms up again.

    Thank you for sharing the oh so delightful shots of you and Jen. They’re perfect. I was at the Yale Club a few years back for my grandparents’ anniversary party, and come to think of it, I didn’t see any top hats either. What is this world coming to? ?

  16. I already got a copy – amazon just told me it’s SHIPPED! yay! but if I win, I am sharing it another momfriend. I can think of several!

    I have been on a “fun reading” rut. so excited to get this.

  17. I will read it everywhere I go. Which is basically just home. So I’ll read it at home.

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