EDEL ’14 : Snapshots and Flo Rida

I’m going to the beach in two hours, so I can’t type out all the awesome that was Edel 2014. All I can do is drop a few pictures and captions in, as time and wifi permit, along with a blurry karaoke video that might be my ticket to viral online success. Safe to say, I’m already looking forward to next year’s event.

Other attendees reflections (To be updated as more are posted. ):

Sarah @ Fumbling Toward Grace 

Cari @ Clan Donaldson

Okay, just visit Conversion Diary where Jen already has all. the. reflections. Phew…thank goodness someone else did the hard work.

If you snapped a picture of me, or snagged a selfie with me please feel free to email it to me at kellymantoan(at)gmail(dot)com so I can add it to my gallery. I’d love to have everything collected in one spot. Thank you!


  1. You are awesome in that video! On an unrelated note, I was hoping you might have some advice for me. I am signing up for RCIA soon, so everything is quite new to me… Lately, I have been feeling pulled towards wearing head coverings, and not just during Mass. Could you share your thoughts on Christian head covering?

    1. I just realized that you had another post about veiling. Sorry! I hate to be that annoying commenter…

  2. I can NOT stop watching your rap video. Highlight of my weekend.

  3. Every time I watch you rapping, robotic awesomeness I laugh. I sing along. I needed that today, so much. Thanks!

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