Embarrassing Myself Over At Colleen Duggan’s

Children are so great at keeping their mothers’ humble. For the perfect example of this, stop by and read the latest installment of Colleen’s ‘Mother’s Most Embarrassing Moments’ penned by yours truly  And if you haven’t already, be sure to read all the previous installments as well, just don’t take a sip of coffee before doing so, otherwise we can’t be held responsable for what winds up on your computer screen.

“I’m so happy for the opportunity to publicly expose something embarrassing my children have done that otherwise would have gone unnoticed and possibility forgotten in the annals of blogdom. Thank you Colleen for giving me a reason to meditate on the many, many, many times I’ve failed as a parent with hilarious consequences. This was one of the only stories that didn’t involve explosive poop or
puke, so I share it with you today. …” CLICK TO READ THE REST

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