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St. Bruno the Great Homeschool has another graduate!

Edie finished up on the 14th. It was sort of anti-climactic. I believe we’re doing a baccalaureate service honoring graduates at our parish, but not until July. And she didn’t want to walk in a homeschool ceremony where she didn’t know anyone. But I did send out announcements featuring some of her beautiful senior photos. We’re incredibly proud of her (she tackled some extremely challenging classes this year!) and are buying her a fancy iPad as a graduation gift, so hopefully that makes up for the lack of pomp and circumstance! (As troubling as this may sound to public school parents, she has assured me she’s fine. Homeschoolers just mark milestones differently and that’s okay!)

Monday the 17th I took her to get her wisdom teeth out, so she’s starting off her summer break in recovery. But thankfully it’s going well and she’s finally job hunting. I didn’t want her to start work until she finished the school year (see reference to challenging classes above), and since she’s not going off to school in August she’ll hopefully be able to find a job that she can stick with until she starts her apprenticeship in the maritime industry in early 2025. She passed her road test recently (on the first try!) so I don’t need to spend my summer driving her to Sea Scout events or work.

Fulton and Teddy had their last day on the 13th, but only because they had doctor appointments on the 14th (the district’s last day). We spent the evening of Friday the 14th burning old school work in the bonfire pit and making smores. Edie threw in pages of math whereas Teddy carefully selected work from each class that he disliked the most to toss into the fire.

We attended a ‘Military Timeline’ weekend at a local historic village and talked with reenactors from the Civil War, Revolutionary War, WWII and, for something different, the Franco Prussian War. I always learn something new from the reenactors, and I’m often surprised by what Fulton and Teddy already know, or think to ask about. We got a membership so we’re planning to head back for the Seafarers Weekend and Revolutionary War Weekend.

Teddy admiring the Prussian helmets.

Byron has an internship in Atlantic City, and he’s doing some freelance writing too. But he also managed to pick up a nasty cold and has been guaranteed to his bedroom to keep everyone else healthy for the last week +. Hopefully he can emerge soon and spend some time with the rest of us.

So summer is off to a good start for the most part. (Not quite the same start as last year when we started break off with our trip to Paris, Venice and Rome. That will be hard to top…ever.) I’ve attempted to create a summer routine/ schedule so Fulton and Teddy know what to expect each day and so mentally I know when I’m free to do what I want/ need. When the older three hit the teenage years, I was required for driving them places but little else. We certainly did things as a family, but during the day they entertained themselves. But of course, while Fulton and Teddy can do some things independently, they still require help setting those things up or to do other activities. If I try to think of summer as “free time” I get frustrated because I can’t start much without stopping to help them. But if I accept that my help is required during set times, I won’t even attempt certain things, like say writing, that require uninterrupted focus, and instead do things that I can start and stop like housework, or other random one off tasks. So much of feeling “satisfied” with how I’m spending my time is just having realistic expectations and the right attitude. Otherwise I get frustrated and resentful. It also prevents too much Xbox time as that automatically becomes the default when someone is bored.

We don’t have any vacations planned; just day trips (library, bowling, local events, etc) and MDA camp. Some of Tony’s family will also come to visit in July during our town’s Our Lady of Mt. Carmel festival. Addie should be home for a visit then too. I’m resigned to the fact that the motorized beach chair is not going to work out and so I’m hoping to repurpose the parts on a manual chair so we atleast have two push beach chairs to use at some point this summer. I’ve also just discovered these Access Trax panels and I’m wondering if we should invest in a bunch and then the boys can just drive their powerchairs onto the beach and then they can take turns transferring into the Mobi-Chair. Travelling with two large beach chairs might be harder than transporting one chair and a stack of panels even though it would require additional lifting/transfers of the boys. We’ll see.

The first of probably many bowling trips thanks to the free summer bowling program. Even though only Teddy bowls for free, I got the family pass so up to four other members of the family can bowl all summer long (two games a visit) for the cost of the pass. Highly recommended!

Planning is underway for our Nativity of St. John the Baptist party and Fulton’s SIXTEENTH birthday so lots of good things to come! How is your summer going so far?

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  1. Congrats to Edie! Fantastic photos. 🙂

    I find that if I lower my expectations about when and how long I will have “free” time, I’m much happier.

    Would the beach have track chairs you could rent? That is starting to become a standard (and free) offering at state parks in my neck of the woods (by Lake Michigan).

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