{FF} Just Get Me Through Friday

Joining up with Hallie for the one link up that’s not in reverse order this week (trend setter or behind the times? Discuss.)

I really, really, really wasn’t feeling like there were five things in the world I hearted this week but, I need to distract myself from all the laundry and packing a weeklong vacation with five kids entails so GO TIME.

1. Social Media

Scheduling a last-minute playdate? Done, through Facebook. Finding a great gluten-free beverage? Shared and discussed across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Meeting and chatting with great people across the globe I’d never have met otherwise? Thanks once again Facebook, via my personal wall and blog page. I didn’t physically leave the house much this week but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get to connect with lots of great folks. Saving my sanity; priceless.

Speaking of a gluten-free beverage…

2. New Planet Gluten Free ‘Tread Lightly Ale’


IT TASTES LIKE BEER. I cannot tell you how happy it made me to crack into this and not throw up a little in my mouth after taking a sip. For a beer brewed from sorghum, it does not taste all nasty sorghum-y. I really like hard cider, but when you crave a beer, cider doesn’t cut it. Now, at last, the heavens have parted, the angels are singing and pizza night is looking a lot better.

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” -Ben Franklin

See, God loves gluten-intolerant folks and celiacs too! Yay! (Okay, so we already knew that but let us give thanks anyway.)

3. Lego Aps

Lego makes a ton of free aps for the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch. They’ve got Lego Duplo aps for the littles, Lego Star Wars for the middles, and neat Lego video and photo aps for anyone…like me.

Lego portrait

It’s my face in Lego bricks! Okay, back away from your screen a bit and then look. Well, just trust me, it’s my face in bricks. Next favorite amongst discerning Mantoan family members (of which there are none) is the Lego Movie Maker ap which guides you through the making of a stop animation DC superhero movie. The doctor’s waiting room will never be the same.

4. Pinishers

Dorian’s doing a Pinterest link up on Tuesdays starting next week; the week I’m away on vacation! So I’ll have to join in on week two, but really, the creation of the word Pinisher ( with your choice of gender buttons) really tops anything I’ll be submitting. (Those who do not know history…) Still, I’m excited to see what everyone else links up.

Every time I see this, I think “punisher”, like, how much is this crafting experience going to hurt me?

Did someone say vacation? Booyah!

5. Family Vacation

The Mantoans will be hitting the road to the Outer Banks for a week! It’ll be like the Griswold’s going to Wally World without Christie Brinkley or untimely death. (RIP Dinky and Aunt Edna). We’re going to visit some educational sites but mostly just relax…with the five kids. I’m pretty sure I’ll come back completely recharged and in possession of some kitschy souvenirs, you know, to display with the vase.

Ah, sweet seashell man; we had joy, we had fun, we had five sweating kids with sand in every orifice. Good times.

Look at that, I did find five things that made me happy and didn’t add to my stress level. Well, the vacation planning did, but who can stay mad at that cute souvenir shell? Now brush the sand from your shoes and mosey on back to Hallie’s for the rest of the Moxie bunch. 

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    1. We’ll actually be stopping just outside DC on the way back, but we’re tied up with a First Holy Communion. We’ve been meaning to make another trip down to DC in the near future to visit with family and other friends. I’ll add you to the list.

  1. I loved the Outer Bands as a child and teen! Here’s hoping it warms a bit because with the weather we’ve been having so far this spring in the South, there hasn’t been much sweating going on.

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