{FF} What a Mom Wants, What a Mom Needs

Jumping head first into the deep end of Five Favorites once again and trying my hardest to not keep linking up with Heather or Hallie out of habit. (So see ladies, in the end it wasn’t some creepy internet stalker! Old habits die hard!)

I mentioned in an earlier post how important it is to set aside time for one’s self everyday, or every week. Now that school is back in session the deluge of activities, schoolwork and fall commitments can push “me time” to the back burner. So, today I’d like to introduce a few ways to easily pamper yourself at home lest it all gets to feeling like your family is conspiring against your happiness rather than for it.

1. Subscribe and Save Chocolate. It’s chocolate that comes to your house once a month. Let me repeat: scheduled chocolate. If that doesn’t get you excited, replace chocolate with whatever your favorite candy is….freak.

2. A magnum of a good cheap wine. For the record, I feel like it’s easier to get a cheap wine that tastes good verse a cheap beer that doesn’t taste like something that came out of the training potty. If we’re on a budget, I drink wine.  Currently, Barefoot Wines are my go to cheap wine. I know I like most of their varieties and it’s easy for the hubs to spot it when I ask him to pick up a bottle whiles he’s out running errands. I don’t need him trying to surprise me with something else.


3. Update the pillows on your bed or BONUS! splurge on a foam topper! Seriously, when was the last time you got new pillows? Are you sleeping on stained, flattened lumps that offer the comfort level of linoleum? Put those bad boys in the linen closet for guests and upgrade! Rotate the mattress and cover with a memory foam topper if you’re feeling grandiose.

4. Howsabout a fancy shower head? Hey oh!  If you already have one, make sure it’s clean and not gunked up with hardwater, mildew or children’s bath crayons. Take a shower for pleasure! Recently I’ve found myself at a Puritan levels of cleanliness, like submerging myself in water is a seasonal event. It’s been mitigated this summer by beach and pool dunks but somehow, making time to take a shower in a timely fashion hasn’t happened as of late. If you’re in the same rut, make time for a relaxing shower. Seriously, lock the kids up so you can get rejuvenated without a million fists of fury on the door. I’ve got my shackles at the ready!

5. Massage, massage, massage! And not the type your husband might try to interest you in…unless that’s what you’re up for. If you just want to get some stress out of your shoulders but are strapped for time and money get a massage pad for the chair you sit in the most. It’s not the same as getting a rub down at a spa, but seriously, it’s not half bad either! Who doesn’t sit down on one of those massage chair demo models when they see one? I’ve been forcibly removed from  Brookstone several times…. of course I’m kidding.

Those blue swooshes mean it’s space age or something. Just stop if your butt goes numb.

Take a little time for one of these small pleasures, and the chance of you stopping at the local bar on the way to the grocery store are greatly diminished.

For more flavor flavorites, swing back to our hostess Mary and if nothing on this list appeals to you, please set me straight in a comment.

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  1. #2! I was just thinking yesterday about this very thing about budget beer vs budget wine! I haven’t really forayed into Barefoots selection – I’ll definitely being checking this out!

  2. yes!! I have chocolate on subscribe and save too! Lindt 85%. It comes in a box that looks medicinal, which is not far from the truth. . . . But I’ve gained 20 lbs in the past year so I’m not the best advertisement for subscribe & save chocolate. :-/

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