{FF} Music For The Long Times Ahead

Tomorrow I’m headed across state lines. But before I get outta Dodge without raising the ire of the sheriff, I must tie up a few loose ends as I doubt I’ll get much chance to write over the next twelve days.

First, don’t forget to enter my giveaway sponsored by Just 11 Stitches! The winner will be drawn on Sunday so you still have a few days to ‘Like’, tweet or comment your way to a beautiful new dress.

Also, if you rely on Google Reader to receive my posts, you’re not reading this right now because Google Reader is no more. I’m not sure what you’re doing instead but I’m not happy about it. Be sure to sign up to receive all the greatest nonsense this side of Oz through BlogLovin’, Feedly, email subscription, some random reader I’ve never heard of, or just make my blog your default homepage; whatever is easiest for you. Buttons at left for your convenience.

While I’m away, if you need a Lyceum fix, scroll through the archives  or stroll through my categories. My seven beach tips post is very timely and currently pretty popular through Pinterest.

I also love these two recent posts, both dealing with the strength needed to blog and put yourself out there and how doing so does benefit people, both bloggers and readers.

Glennon’s take, and then Jennifer’s. 

I know you’ll find lots of other good stuff out there to read in my absence. Meanwhile, I’ll be trying to read books, not blogs for a change.

photo (15)

The book by Fulton Sheen on the top; I’ve been plugging along with that for weeks, and it’s a great book! I just keep getting distracted by the screen. Hopefully, I can finish it up before reaching the Sheen museum in Peoria and meeting up with Bonnie. Yes, that Bonnie. Despite being very pregnant, she’s hosting our family for the afternoon. The upside being that if she’s totally annoyed with me, she can fake labor and then we have to leave. Fingers crossed that I can get a photo of our Fultons together without making anyone cry.

New Jersey to Illinois then north to Wisconsin: I’m staring down 16+ hours in the van with my kids. Or as I like to think of it, vacation purgatory. We do this trip every two years because that’s just enough time for us to forget how much we hate driving to Wisconsin. We have to break the drive over two days because neither Tony or I can stay awake to drive through the night and we don’t like Fulton to be upright in his chair that long or sleep without breathing support. We know all the dive-y motor lodges between here and Indiana as a result.

I also know what it’s like to try to stay awake while driving through the endless flat, agricultural landscape of the Midwest.  Once everyone else is asleep, I can groove along the lonely highway with slightly less swerve than a drunk driver to my patent pending “Stay Alert, Arrive Alive” playlist.

1. New favorite; Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke and Pharrell. I’ve linked this video because the rap section of the song, which is intolerable to my ears, is omitted. Plus, the official video is smut. Here you can dance to a catchy tune without the hotpants.

2. One More Time,Daft Punk. This is also the song I use as my morning alarm. I still wake up grumpy, but it’s great for driving.

3. Sabotage, Beastie Boys. I need to be really careful or I can wind up speeding, or pull a muscle in my neck from headbanging.

4. Thanks for the Memories, Fall Out Boy.Loudly singing out of tune? Why yes, thank you I think I will.

5. Florence and the Machine, Hurricane Drunk… or really anything off her Lungs album. I always play this at least three times in a row.

Now I must go finish making sandwiches for the drive and checking to make sure I packed underpants for at least the ninth time. Be sure to swing back to Hallie’s for more great posts guaranteed to fill the void left in my absence. I’ll miss you too, but somehow we’ll both come through this stronger people.


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  1. Ohhhh please find a Lou Malnati’s when you’re in Illinois – apparently they have a gluten-free pizza option and I don’t know if it’s any good but their regular Chicago-style pizza is one of the few things I REALLY miss about the area! Have a great trip 🙂

  2. I’m flattered you have linked to my post about courage in life and blogging! Thanks so much for the props! And great music suggestions! Some are new to me so I can’t wait to check them out!

  3. Kelly,
    What a small world, my sister knows Bonnie!! Have a safe trip and a great time!

  4. Have a safe trip!! I will pray for your sanity. My husband and I usually pack some ear-plugs in the car, and as a result, have learned to read lips. I’m a little jealous that you get to read – you may never go back to blogging!! I had a one week hiatus from technology, during which I discovered a fondness for Flannery O’Connor and southern cocktails. I now find blogging and social media a little annoying and am thinking of taking a permanent vacation from it. Have FUN!!!

  5. Girl, I’ve got you on Bloglovin’.

    And, tell Bonnie I said “hey!” Love meeting imaginary friends in real life. I just had Meg from Held By His Pierced Hands here for the weekend 🙂

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