{FF} The First, And Hopefully The Last, Fat And Oily Edition

Linking up at Hallie’s with host Jen for my first Five Favorites post. I’m having one of those types of weeks which, although it doesn’t involve neck punctures or third trimester woes, will require a full pity party post later in the week. But today, I’m all about focusing on the positive, the reasons for not remaining in the fetal position under my comforter with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

1. My children’s Easter basket candy

photo (6)
Uh-oh, looks like someone left their Easter basket unattended. Sorry Teddy you snooze, you lose. Heck, who am I kidding; even if you’re awake I can’t be trusted around the goods.

Grandma got them each a solid Cadbury bunny, even the two-year old. I’m like the IRS in that I take 20 percent right off the top. They call it stealing, I call it “life lessons”.

2. Peanut Butter & Co. flavored peanut butters

Perfect for those times when taking a peanut butter cup out of its wrapper and putting it in your mouth is just too much work. Unfortunately, the jar is not equipped to be strapped on as a feed-sack, so you’ll have to settle for using your fingers (or your child’s solid chocolate Easter rabbit.) I got the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl during Lent (don’t judge me!) because it made my gluten-free bagels taste less like foam puzzle pieces and more like food. But the White Chocolate variety is what I’m choosing to be buried with…as in I want to die from eating so much of it.


Moving on from that pretty picture…

3. Fancy-schmancy olive oil


photo (7)
Flavored with rosemary for our Easter lamb. And it’s from Argentina, just like the Pope! We’d be fools not to buy it!

Tony and I discovered a little gourmet food shop a few months back and, on a whim, bought some special olive oil infused with rare stuff and imported from somewhere Mediterranean. I fully expected to still have it ripening on my shelf months later. Except that it was really good on everything (except gluten-free bagels. Don’t go there.) and before we knew it the bottle was gone. We can never go back to the days of generic olive oil in five gallon drums.

4. A huge roll of adhesive dry erase paper


You can put a dry erase board anywhere AND once it gets totally gross, you can peel it off and throw it out and then stick on a new piece! We covered a side of our fridge with it and it’s basically like having a huge magnetic chalkboard with none of the dust. It’s the most exciting thing to happy to our homeschool since the weekend.

photo (5)
See those tiny strips of uncovered refrigerator at the bottom and sides? Those are Teddy’s favorite spots to “express himself.”


5. Gold Bond Ultimate Intensive Healing Hand Cream.


I totally feel like my grandmother selling you on the merits of hand cream, but if you have a house of sick kids and are washing your hands non-stop you need this hand cream. (Disclaimer: If you have a lot of cracks in your hands, you might experience a slight tingling or gentle burning sensation for a few minutes after application. It’s not the same as rubbing hand sanitizer into your wounds but I just wanted to give you a heads up since apparently, I didn’t warm my youngest daughter and she was mad at me for 20 minutes until her hands stopped hurting.”It’s a good pain honey, like purgatory.”)


If you manged to finish this post without raiding your child’s Easter basket, you’re a stronger person than I. Go celebrate by visiting the rest of the flashy fives at Moxie Wife. 



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  1. I have so been meaning to buy that hand cream. My hands. Ugh.

    Also, I love Ellen’s Easter candy too. As a matter of fact, I love it so much that today I am sorting through it and giving a heaping pile away to the local women’s homeless pregnancy shelter – otherwise I will eat all of it. Sugar shakes, anyone?

  2. I new about the peanut butter and have successfully avoided it by not going to the aisle where it is located at my favorite grocery store. As far as the olive oil, I won’t tell you about NUDO where you can adopt your very own olive tree and receive the fruits of the tree. It is much too expensive but oh soooooooo good.

  3. Oh, Kelly. This is hilarious from beginning to end. But it makes meI want all the things! I’m going to have to pick… So maybe the dry erase paper?

  4. Holy deliciousness, I love that PB with all my heart and now must run to the cabinet for nutella to satisfy the intense craving you just made me have.

  5. My husband always takes food off our kids plates. He says he is taking his toll. But I am definitely the one eating all of the Easter candy…

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