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I’m going to be very upfront with you. This post will contain probably too much information about a recent date afternoon that consisted of me buying new bras for the first time in about five years. But since I like to keep you all abreast of any and all new developments around here, I had to share this uplifting experience. (And seriously, the puns, the puns! I can’t help myself.) The rest of the date was pretty great too.

1. The Cosmopolitan Wirefree Wow Push Up Bra

Look, after five kids, 4/5 of whom I’ve nursed plus a weight that’s been all over the place, I needed drastic help. My old bras were doing little for my National Geographic centerfold look. But this bra deserves the ‘Wow’ because it’s wire free and it’s turned my gruesome twosome into a dynamic duo. From the neck down, I look ten years, and at least three kids, younger.

2. Maidenform’s Custom Lift T-Shirt Bra

This bra is underwire, but not painfully so and provides a bit more coverage if you’re concerned about spillage. And, you know I don’t wear skin-tight clothes but, I’ll be darned if I am not filling out that denim jumper LIKE A BOSS in my new unmentionables that I keep mentioning.

3. Warners Unbelievable UnWire Bra

Three bra favorites? Most def. When you shop the clearance and sales racks, it’s hard to find several in the right size and same brand which is how I wound up with the variety pack. Warners is the least stiff or bullet like of the bunch and like #2, very comfy for an underwire. And for the only non-push up in the bunch, I’m not complaining about the support. If you don’t want the added umpf, look no further.

4.. This awesome post by Melanie, which discusses a very modern twist on the timeless problem of winning souls for Christ. (I know, quite a leap from the bras but bear with me.) Although the internet makes it’s easier to isolate yourself within a supportive group of like-minded bloggers and readers, people with differing opinions are always out there trolling the comboxes and looking for a fight. How do we respond; and how do we do so without turning them off to Catholicism?

“I think another problem is that we tend to look at people as either friends or enemies. If you aren’t with us, you’re against us. We tend to forget that people are never the enemy. All people are on a journey, either moving toward Christ or away from Him. It is our job to help them on their way. But we have to remember that we may never see the fruits of our labors. Your job may be to plant a seed you will never see sprout, much less flourish. …

We should find a way to extend hospitality and mercy toward the most vile bile spewers, remembering that every chance word we type might be the pivot to turn them toward Christ or to turn them away from him.” -MB

I truly believe conversion is a slow, gradual process, not usually initiated by confrontation but an awakening that comes in seeing the happiness and joy in true believers and seeking it out for one’s self. I try to be that ‘happy Catholic’ example; living the fullness of the faith without perpetuating the negative trad stereotypes. But how do I present that persona on the uncertain playing field of anonymous online interactions? Right now, I currently don’t engage anyone because I get too emotionally invested in something that is ultimately “only” a blog comment or Facebook status, but is that the right response? For all the apologetic books out there, Melanie’s right in suggesting a need for specific combox apologetic advice. Anyone know of any sources?

(Right now you’re thinking, a happy trad who wears sleeping bags and blogs about bras? I know I’m like an enigma wrapped in a puzzle deep-fried with bacon. …speaking of…)

5. Bacon Scented Candles

Especially bacon scented soy candles made locally in small batches. It’s perfect for Father’s Day (act fast!) and all those mornings you want to make it smell like you slaved away on breakfast (like Father’s Day! He doesn’t need to know the seven-year old reheated leftovers in the microwave). I got my candle as a gift and I’m thinking about asking the proprietor to make it into a scrub.

If the thought of a bacon scrub is making you gag, be sure to swing back to Hallie’s for more flowery scented goodness. 



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  1. Eclectic, but also awesome. Like a Canadian breakfast I once had in Yorkshire, which combined a full fry-up with fruit salad. Until you’ve tried the sausage and banana combo, don’t knock it. I liked this very muchly.

    1. I get enough creepy spam and Google search result hits; no way I’m going there!

  2. At first I thought you were feeding your hubs leftovers from seven years ago, but then I realized what you really meant. phew! Your husband needs to be seriously grateful it wasn’t my mistaken alternative!

  3. The sad thing is that, I really don’t even need to wear a bra. Nursing has just left the chest and my ego seriously deflated. Thanks for helping me maintain a bubbly personality (um, what?) with your whit and humor. This is always such a good place to be!

  4. Terrific. Now I want to go get new bras. Finally ready to retire the nursing ones for the time being but still too big for my old “regular” sort. =)

  5. Hilariously terrific. This reminds me that at some point I should go find some new bras… I’m out of the nursing bra stage for now, but still not fitting in my old “regular” ones. Thanks for a fun reminder!

  6. #4 is greatness. Not that bacon and bras are not, for I can not live without either of those either. 😉 I find it sometimes necessary, although a strange sort of sanctuary, in being isolated from my Catholic community, because it frees me up to be a medium to reach out and evangelize with a better understanding of what we’re all muddling through as human beings together. Thanks for great shares, smothered in bacon no less!

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