{FF} Therapeutic Groove Thang Shaking

I’ve always said (or at least since writing this post), when life hands you lemons, throw them at your rowdy kids and put on some dance music. Very few things in this world pick me up as quickly and surely as dance music. Try as I may to like less mainstream music, I keep coming back to pop. (Sorry Sugarcubes, it’s not you, it’s me.) It’s why even though I was stuck slogging through traffic on flooded roads during a never-ending thunderstorm, I wasn’t cursing. Instead, I had the stereo cranked, one hand on the wheel, and the other thrown up like the ceiling couldn’t hold it. And then, I had those moves like Jagger to keep me going through the construction zone complete with incompetent flagger.

When the witching hour just before dinner arrives, I’m notorious for bribing the kids to play nice so I can march around the kitchen like Janet in Rhythm Nation while broiling asparagus. I’m pretty sure the neighbors think Fox films outtakes from ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ in our kitchen most evenings (thanks to the lack of curtains.)

So for Hallie’s Five Favorites, I’m listing five of my favorite dance grooves. I’m guaranteed to swerve erratically in the van, or strut like Beyonce’ with the box grater every time one of these songs pops up on the radio or Pandora.

(Do I need to mention these videos aren’t really for children? Go tell them to play outside then get your groove on. )

1. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Can’t Hold Us

Currently my favorite song. When I first tried to tell Tony about it weeks ago I was all, “You know, that ‘like the ceiling can’t hold us’ song!”. And he was all, ‘I’ve never heard it’,  which led to me pulling it up on YouTube and dancing around the house while the older kids screamed at me to stop, Fulton pleaded for a diaper change, Teddy begged to be put to bed and Tony insisted he still hadn’t ever heard it. I repeated my performance just so Tony could be sure.

Some therapist, some where is going to make a lot of money off that episode.

2. Kanye West, Stronger

I loved the Daft Punk song when it came out, and then Kanye added something to it and now I can be found more often than not dicing onions and insisting, that dat don’t kill me, can only make me stronger.

3. Flo Rida, Good Feeling

I know all the rap lyrics for this song. Could I make a viral YouTube video ‘Middle Aged House Wife Cooks Risotto While Performing ‘Good Feeling’? What if I toss in some mean spatula action and get crazy with the apron? Think about it and get back to me.

4. Chris Brown, Forever

I used to love to go out clubbing in college and in that brief span of time between graduation and pregnancy I now refer to as “heaven”. I would go out dancing now if I thought I could roll in at 3 a.m. and not die from exhaustion.  This track reminds me of the type of song I’d march up to the DJ and ask for loudly, several times throughout the night.

5. M/A/R/R/S, Pump Up The Volume

This will date me, but I have been creating spastic dance moves to this song since the eighties. I remember watching this original music video on MTV and being captivated yet completely wierded out. So of course I’m totally showing it to the kids! And searching for this song on YouTube sent me down a rabbit hole of old music videos.

Okay, bonus number six track

Paul Oakenfold Ft. Shifty, Starry Eyed Surprise

I mean, I dare you to listen to this and not break out some glow sticks!
If you’re faced with a bad case of the blahs, be sure to swing back to Hallie’s or try out my patent pending dance playlist for a chance to give your kids a scare, burn some calories and generally feel great.

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  1. Oh I am so glad that you wrote this. I love mainstream pop music. Love! It’s what I workout to, write to, clean the house to, sing along in the car to. My husband is like, don’t you think a mother should be listening to more kid friendly songs? And I’m all, But I listen to the clean versions!! And he’s all, But they imply terrible things! And I’m like, But the kids don’t understand that stuff yet, and he says But when they do??? and then I sulk away and listen to Blurred Lines one more time.

    P.S. My boys favorite song is your #1 right now.

  2. It’s like you got a hold of my ipod or something. Stronger always pushes me to run a little longer. I was just dancing while driving today when Forever came on.
    Good list!

  3. I had completely forgotten about Starry Eyed Surprise but turns out I still had all the lyrics ticked in my subconscious.

    I find that old Destiny’s Child songs put a real kick in my step.

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