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Below are my timeline and book lists for the four year history cycle that my family follows. The book lists give three, 11 week lessons (12th week open for review) that include the topic(s) or historic figures to be covered and accompanying texts. The timelines show all the topics covered by my book lists, as well as other major historic events. If you don’t like a lesson covered on my book list, you can use the timelines to help find a substitution. The book lists contain books on an elementary to middle school level, and the selected topics are geared for younger kids. If you have older students, you can use the lessons as guides, while selecting more age appropriate literature, or substitute a more advanced topic from the timeline. What’s great is kids of all ages can be studying the same general historic periods/topics, but reading books at their own level. (Usually you would do Year 1 in grades 1,5 and 9; Year 2 in grades 2,6 and 10, Year 3 in grades 3, 7 and 11; and Year 4 in grades 4,8 and 12.)  I also visit Wikimedia Commons  to find pictures for our timeline. Mapwork can be completed in relation to countries covered, battles/wars fought, birthplaces, etc. We also use the books for narration, dictation and copywork.  These downloads (all Google Docs) are meant to be bare bones guides, but hopefully they can inspire you. Feel free to print, use and distribute but please give credit where credit is due-Thank you!

Year 4 Timeline

Year 4 Book List – I still need to fill in the book selections for the third trimester. Lessons are there; many of the topics will turn up a ton of books in a basic library search. Will be listing my favorites soon.

Year 3 Timeline

Year 3 Book List

Year 2 Timeline

Year 2 Book List -1st draft is up. Unfortunately, when we did this year, I didn’t record any authors names. So topics and books are listed but I will be updating authors. I personally love the Medieval period because of all the great saint books we get to read.

Year 1 Chapter Suggestions

For year 1, we used The Story of the World, Volume 1 text and activity book exclusively for history and art. I didn’t create a timeline or record favorite books but I do recall we were able to locate most of the books recommended by SOTW 1 at our local library. We tended towards mostly Egyptian historyin the first trimester, Greek in the second and Roman in the third. If you study Latin, Minimus is a fun addition to the Roman era.

Art and Science Downloads

I’m not as hardcore about the arts and sciences as Well Trained Mind. At the elementary level, our program is much more relaxed. We still follow the four year science cycle (biology, earth science/astronomy, chemistry and physics) but the focus on fun and discovery with less emphasis on developing a formal science notebook.

Our arts program is based on the same idea as our language arts program; copying the masters. Just as children learn proper speaking and writing by reading and rewriting the words of great authors, they develop an eye for good art by copying the work of great artists of the past. We have also found that the study of drawing  helps our kids develop their artistic talents and do better in other mediums, like painting.

Each year outlines 18 art and 18 science lesson suggestions, with texts, to be done on alternate weeks.

Year 4

Year 3 – work in progress. Art is finished, still working on science.

Year 2

Year 1

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