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Rookie mistake; I assumed everyone who would want to link up on December 26th, would have read on December 19th that I was taking the week off. Multiple comments and emails would seem to prove otherwise. MEA CULPA! Here’s to starting off 2015 on the right foot! No more skipped dates without a scheduled reminder post on the day! Please accept this eighties commercial as my apology and sincerest effort at making amends.

1. Merry ninth day of Christmas! Bring on the dancing ladies! Seems the perfect time to announce the winner of the TATL Summer Lip Synch Contest, since most contestants got in at least an ankle shake or two. The winner was tabulated by the number of ‘thumbs up’ or likes on the video.

Coming in with 44 likes was Suzanne and her version of ‘Like a Prayer’! I wish I had a big empty room I could use just for lip synching/ dancing! Congrats Suzanne! Email me for a free copy of my planner as a pdf download!…or don’t and I won’t be offended.

2. Jumping back to the current season; how was your Christmas / Hanukkah / Festivus? We had a lovely day at home filled with the shrieks of joyful children. Mostly because “Santa” brought the older three Kindle Fires (a decision I will outline in a future post). I know for a fact Santa had the easiest time shopping and wrapping gifts this year. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’ll be able to get away with only giving one gift every year.

3. In a radical departure from the technology we so willing bought and devoured, we lit the tree with candles (and didn’t burn the house down). And then I snapped a daguerreotype. Just kidding, I used my iPod.



4. The grandparents provided plenty of other toys and packaging material the kids could tear into. Or struggle with for ten minutes then toss it at me; cause it wouldn’t be Christmas without the opportunity to slice up my fingers on some plastic packaging!!! Plus so much debris just begging to be driven over by wheelchairs with axles ripe for dragging and tangling trash! And why can I never find a grown up pair of scissors? Do you know how hard it is to open a Teenage Ninja Turtle Blimp set with safety scissors???

christmas trash
With all the debris carefully shoved in the mudroom, the living room still looks festive!


5. On the Feast of Stephen we sang ‘Good King Wenceslaus’ all the way to Lancaster. Okay, I sang part of it before Fulton and Teddy corrected me and then added the word poop. We had a nice visit with lots of family and 3,394,964 of my mom’s Santa decorations.

high chair
They couldn’t even make room for me a the kids table. And I was being on my best behavior!


6. My sister filmed a new video for her vlog while parked at our parents and I thought I was just going to hold the camera for her but then she made me get in the frame knowing I didn’t have make-up on and needed a shower. Anyway, it’s hilarious, as is her whole series of videos. I’m pretty sure she’s headed for YouTube stardom in a couple more months because she’s documenting her life living in an RV in New York City. Seriously.

Admit it, you’re curious. Just FYI, PG-13 rating for language and crazy skeleton use.

7. Thanks to everyone who submitted a Quick Takes logo design! You can see the new design at the top of the page. I wanted something simple, that could last through any blog redesigns I did and maybe be a bit reminiscent of the previous logo. A big congrats to Kate from Waiting for Patience for the winning entry. Here are a few of the runners up.

From Kathyrn @ Team Whitaker


Kathyrn sent the same design in three different color schemes. Very nice, and I reserve the right to use these images occasionally just to keep y’all on your toes.

From Jenna @ Call Her Happy


This entry actually made my inbox smell like saltwater.

From Denise @ News From Hobbiton

Seven Quick Takes logo

Hand drawn with help from her son and his new fountain pen!

From Kendra @ Catholic All Year.

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 6.28.34 PM

Definitely awesome, but seeing as the manticore was my 2014 beast of the year, and was retired on December 31st, this just isn’t timely. Though isn’t my double mouth super sweet???

Now that the big decisions are made, it’s time to crack open some fortune cookies and make a few resolutions for 2015. Join up for the first Quick Takes of the new year below and be sure to visit a few other bloggers! You might just discover a new favorite!

Remember to use the link to your blog post’s url, not your blog’s homepage, and please include a link back to this post. 


  1. Super excited about the new logo … thanks for choosing my fun design! The other ladies have such great designs! Your tree is absolutely beautiful, filing that away in my memory bank for the future!

  2. Love the new 7QT design and what fun to see the also-rans! So much creativity. And you actually lit candles on your tree! Wow. Thank you for hosting. Happy New Year!

  3. Oh my #3, my firefighting husband would have died at the thought of putting real flames on the real tree. He was nervous enough with the real Advent wreath and candles which I could only light for not more than 5 minutes and keep completely attended the whole time.
    I will definitely be checking out your sisters blog and YouTube videos. At first thought, I was like oh my I hope she has a lot of locks on that RV. Sounds scary to me, and cold too. She will be in my prayers because I am scared for her.

  4. I love the new QT logo! Congrats to Kate on the win! All the designs are great! So you are the first family I have seen light REAL candles on their Christmas tree (and survive to tell it 🙂 ) That is awesome and beautiful and talented and hip and just plain BRAVE 🙂 Thanks for hosting 7 QT as I enjoyed linking up at #38 with my Jolly Jar idea 🙂 God bless!

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