Galumphing into 2015

Now that I’ve covered the posts and pictures of 2014it’s onto 2015 and all my hopes and dreams for the coming year. I blogged my 2013 resolutions and my 2014 resolutions so it only makes sense to keep a running tally of my successes and failures. This year, rather than being overly philosophical, I’ve just created a simple checklist. I will save the virtue and character study for Lent or simply accept that I will always yell at my children and have an overly sarcastic tone to my voice.

But before I get to the resolutions, I must reveal my beast of the year. The manticore served me well, though admittedly did nothing to curb my temper. This year, I’ve chosen the Jaberwocky, because who can’t use a little more mimsy and mome raths outgrabe? I feel this choice also gives me freedom to brillig my writing and increase my snicker-snack ability, exponentially.

2015 is looking mighty frabjous!

I’ve also chose a new saint for the year. I don’t believe I’ve shared mine in the past but this year I got St. John Bosco. As he is the patron of all fairly non-traumatic things, I feel pretty safe.

For a first, I’ve also chosen a word of the year. Originally, I chose a beast of the year because I felt selecting just a word was lame. But every so often God beats me over the head with something and recently it was the word “gratitude”. I think He’s onto something. How about a coat of arms?

coat of arms
I know what you’re thinking, “Kelly, why did you have a logo contest when you can design stuff so good yourself?!”


I must admit, that makes me chortle with joy.

Now onto the actual resolutions, and less frumious Bandersnatch.

  1. Organize our digital photo collection and create a family year book for 2015, and hopefully a few past years. Our desktop is ancient, and while we have everything backed up, we’ve acquired a HUGE collection of photos. I’ve also clogged up my iPod with a staggering amount of pictures. I want to organize everything so we can easily enjoy, and more quickly access, our collection of potty training and naked bath time pictures for when guests arrive unexpectedly.
  2. Do a Whole 30 during Lent…so technically it will be a whole 40. I will be easing my way into this before Ash Wednesday so I don’t instantly die. This is just a small part of me adopting a “healthy lifestyle”, or at least defining what healthy means to me, in 500 words or less. I’ve also finished reading Move Your DNA and am fascinated with incorporating it into my life. Our family recently got a YMCA membership so hopefully we can all get healthier and not die together. (I can’t even imagine how joy-filled our home will become in the near future.)
  3. Buy a beach house and move to the beach. (This one is admittedly a bit of a long shot.)
  4. Have a garage sale. A.K.A. get rid of a ton of crap. I’m going to weed out stuff  like moving to the beach is a real possibility and not a pumpkin spice liquor fueled fantasy.  
  5. Book some more speaking gigs. I’m looking to try out some material and am willing to waive travel expenses for anyone who wants me to come speak within the next three months within the Philly, NYC or DC area. Say you saw me before I become the next big thing! Kelly Mantoan: big mouth, has planner; will travel, design work extra.
  6. I need to bring in outside help, like nursing, but since insurance won’t cover nursing, I need something affordable like, maybe fairies? I know there’s some state programs to look into but I HATE dealing with state programs which is why I haven’t done too much inquiry up to this point. I would rather wait in line three hours to ride Space Mountain and have someone repeatedly throw up on me during the entire ride while a hot poker was jabbed in my eye, than have to deal with applying for another state program. BUT- gratitude, so I’m just thankful that they’re might be a way to pay for outside assistance and I can’t wait to offer up all the time it takes to get the boys the care they need. Callooh Callay!

Got any new years resolutions? Did you outline them in your new planner??? Share a few in the comments! We can motivate each other when the going gets manxome.



  1. Kelly. You need to get out of my head. Seriously. It’s not funny. (Okay, it’s funny.)

    No, but really. I don’t usually choose a word either, but the other day in Adoration, Jesus beat *ME* over the head with the word ‘gratitude.’ Me, Kelly. Not you. (Okay, maybe also you.)

    Let’s make the best of an awkward situation: be my gratitude buddy? #totallymadethatmoreawkward

    1. Last year you accused me of getting in your head and the truth is yes, I’m in your head via alien monitoring. The only time I don’t know what you’re thinking is when you’re wearing tin foil or submerged underwater. Your thoughts saved me so many times when otherwise I would’ve given in to writers block. Thank you for submitting to alien testing all those years ago (which you probably don’t remember) and allowing me such an intimate look into your thoughts via my alliance with the Glordarg planatary system.
      And yes, I’ll happily be your gratitude buddy.

      1. Gratitude seems to be a thing lately! That was my word and virtue for this year as well! Also, making a coat of arms to help me remember my saint and word for the year is a frabjous idea which I will callously steal from you.

  2. I got one of the lesser known patron saints of cancer and freaked out before I could memorize the name. New Years res: check for lumps and comment on Kelly’s blog.

  3. I have a Bible reading challenge and a 30-day plank challenge that I’m doing. I’m also making Jon and I have the really painful and scary conversations about things in our marriage while we still have a live-in babysitter.

    Totally with you on the state programs. I hate dealing with them and Social Security but it’s a necessary evil so Daniel can get the things he needs.

  4. Move Your DNA is a fantastic book! I love how she looks at movement. Looks like a great list of specific goals for 2015; hope it’s a great year for you and yours!

  5. This is the best post of yours all year!
    The first time I did a paleo challenge was the 46 days (I included Sundays) of Lent, 2010. I actually think it gives a better picture than 30 days, and once you get rolling, it’s not so hard to maintain.
    A couple of years ago I got St. John Bosco as my yearly saint and it was a good year. It was amazing how many times I ran across him. At first I couldn’t see any “reason” he was my saint, but when I read about how he was advised to follow the vision he had received in a dream, it made a lot more sense.

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