Good Books For Teens They’ll Actually Read

I got my second COVID shot on Wednesday, and I was feeling all:

But then on Thursday I felt pretty blah from the shot (nothing extreme or unexpected) and arguably did not feel very invincible. But one day of discomfort is better than the alternative, and hopefully I’ll be able to try licking wild animals or eating pizza off the ground very soon.

Who needs some teen books suggestions?? Uh, only ME all the time. The kids are like me, in that they’re never satisfied with all the books we have in our library. They need new and exciting books on the regular. So I was very excited when Leslea Wahl reached out from to share Treasures: Visible and Invisible a new compilation of eight St. Patrick’s inspired stories from some of the website’s authors.

It’s a great introduction to multiple authors and their writing styles and includes a mix of historical, contemporary, and dystopian fiction. Find one story you really like, and explore that author’s other titles on the website. There’s so many great books, and if you’re not sure what your kids might like, they have themed book packs. Plus there’s book clubs and audiobooks– pretty much anything for all the older kids in your house who will otherwise just sit around and read manga or comics. Addie is a fan of Corinna Turner’s I Am Margaret, and was pleased to see a selection from her in Treasures. If you have some teens looking for some good reads, leave a comment below saying “I NEED BOOKS FOR MY TEENS!” and I’ll select a random winner to get a free copy of Treasures. (Open to continental US readers only-sorry!) Now closed!

Short post this week so I can make up on missed sleep! You can fill in the gaps by sharing some of your favorite teen reads in the comments below, or in your own post which you can link up below! (More of my favorite book recommendations here.) Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts!

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  1. I need books for my teens!
    My kids can tear through series with glorious speed so new book and author recommendations are always welcome.
    My teen daughter really enjoyed gone with the wind – and she was so excited about it that my husband picked it up. Then they watched the movie and I had to listen for a week about how the book was so much better and how could the movie not cover some plot point.

  2. I really enjoyed the Unwind series for older teens. It’s dark, twisty, dystopian, but with an incredible prolife message. It really fleshes out what happens when you start down a slippery slope.

  3. I really loved Margaret Peterson Haddix’s stuff when I was a teenager, and Neil Gaiman’s Coraline is probably one of the best (clean) spooky books ever. The Redwall series by Brian Jacques is wonderful, as is his Curse of the Flying Dutchman trilogy. “Jacob Have I Loved” by Katherine Paterson is probably the most real book about sibling rivalry and just how horribly awkward it can be to be a teen girl that I’ve ever read.

    …I spent a lot of time at the library as a teenager. I had no social life, lol.

    Some books that will probably be recommended to you at some point for Catholic teens that I can’t really recommend myself would be the Fairy Tale series by Regina Doman. I really like her essays and short stories, but her novels…not so much. For one thing, she really needed a better editor for her first couple: they’re not very well written. For another thing, she takes an over-simplistic view of sexual brokenness and trauma that…well…can be kinda harmful to people who actually experience it and doesn’t do a good job preparing the reader to encounter others who have experienced it. And it’s a pretty stinkin’ central theme to pretty much all her books. Her theology is mostly fine, she obviously likes Theology of the Body, but she REALLY needed to read up on some psychology.

  4. I need books for my teens! Well, okay, they’re my grandchildren, and they aren’t teens yet, but they are advanced readers and read voraciously and I need to vet some books for them so that I can suggest authors and series(es?) to them. I like the Marissa Meyer books, btw; they’re science fiction take-offs on fairytales and have no overt sexual content, which is nice.

  5. I need books for my (chomp through book series like popcorn) teens!

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