{SQT} Gratuitous use of air quotes, parenthesis and the words “awesome” and “bacon”.

Wow, it’s Friday again. Not sure whether I should be happy that the weekend is here or totally spazzing out because the week is over and there’s a lot left on my to do list. Around the blogospere in general it seems many moms are easing back into homeschooling through tears, gritted teeth and coffee before 5 p.m., and your choice afterwards. I’ve been working on sticking to a schedule for myself but finding that around 3 p.m. I typically want to die versus “Monday, wipe down the sinks. Tuesdays, mop the kitchen floor…” I don’t even know what I wrote for Wednesday’s chore because I haven’t glanced at it since last Tuesday. And yet, here I am online. Prepare to be wowed with what I’ve come up for you this week. It’s craptacular in the most spanktastic sense of the word.

1. Edie is losing teeth like an NHL player vying for the Stanley Cup. We’re trying to convince her to be a Jack O Lantern for Halloween. And look at how she’s dressed. I’ve considered starting a second blog entitled “They Dressed Themselves” for me to upload pics of what constitues “an outfit” in this house. At least 70 percent would be my daughters’ creations, with 25 percent dedicated to Byron and his backwards clothes.  (I would allow 5 percent to showcase Fulton and Teddy on those rare occasions I allow my husband to dress them for church.)

2. Me and the kids plus Fulton’s nurse went to homeschooling bowling for the first on Tuesday. Everyone had a good time and I was thrilled because it only cost $15 and the loaded french fries (topped with real bacon) were discounted.

Fulton actually got two strikes and won the first game. Beginners luck.

3. In my free time I’m trying to read three books. “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, by Dale Carnegie, for when I feel like the kids neglect me, “Reefer Madness” by Eric Schlosser for when I start feeling too hopeful about the future of our country and “The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R .Tolkien so my husband and I can have more nerdy things to talk about since I refuse to watch Falling Skies or reruns of Battle Star Galactica.

4. If I didn’t already have three unfinished books in my que, I’d immediately download Anne’s new book or invest in the first series of Ora et Labora et Zombies. A friend and I have decided that I will purchase the first set of letters, and if we like them, she’ll purchase the second and then we’ll convince someone else to purchase the third, because, although it’s an awesome idea, purchasing all 72 letters is costly. But I’m completely onboard the zombie bandwagon, and this is making me rethink my earlier book idea. If only I could work bacon, a Trapper Keeper and St. Eustace into my storyline somewhere, I’d be golden.

5. You’re probably all rolling your eyes now. “C’mon Kelly, we’ve known about this zombie letters thing for weeks.” Yeah, cause everyone and their mom, but me, was at the Catholic New Media Conference in Texas a little while ago and has already mentioned OLZ. I’ve discovered there’s all sorts of blogging/networking/new media conferences out there. The trick seems  convincing them to let you speak so you can go for free, otherwise it’s an arm for admission and a leg for transportation. If any of my online acquaintances are interested, I’m planning to host ‘LYCEUM-COM 2013″ sometime next summer in my backyard, potluck style, with the mister and I providing burgers, dogs and drinks. We have room for tents out back and if everyone chips in, I’ll get some really nice port-o-pots. If you agree to stand on the tree stump in the center of my yard and sing karaoke, or even talk about blogging (if you haven’t had enough to drink), admission is free. Spouses, children and babysitters are also welcomed. Costumes optional. The bonfire will be blazing, the horseshoes sailing and the treehouse dangerously overcrowded.

6. The temperatures are cooling down and the humidity is dropping below 100 percent. At night I lay snuggled under the covers rather than sprawled out on top,sticking to the pillow case. Time for soup! Everyone loves my baked potato soup. EVERYONE. If you don’t like it, you either didn’t put in enough bacon or you’re wrong. If Ponce de Leon ever found his fountain of youth it would have bubbled with my baked potato soup.

Click for the recipe! I command you!

7. And finally, I leave you with a link to a new blog I found last week rummaging through the rest of the Quick Takers. Maybe you know her, but I didn’t. Be sure to check out Jenna at ‘Laywer? I Hardly Know Her.’ I’ve been reading the craigslist ‘rants and raves’ section ever since last Friday thanks to her.

If you hate zombies, the explosion of potato and bacon on your palette and a cheap attempt to network with other bloggers, go ahead over to Grace’s for more Seven Quick Takes (since Jen’s busy being a reality, I mean, documentary star this week.) But be warned, there’s a lot of other tired moms linking up over there, so who knows what else you’ll find.


  1. #2: That is the coolest way to bowl that I’ve ever seen. Do you think they’d maybe let me bowl that way???

    1. I know right?? When all the older kids saw how well Fulton played, they were all asking to use the ramp. It just made me so happy to finally find an activity all the kids could participate in together.

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