Heatin’ Up the Summer With a Lip Synch Battle

Ah the lazy days of summer. Let’s spice things up a bit shall we? I herby declare the inaugural This Ain’t the Lyceum Lip Synch Battle underway!

Maybe you’re familiar with the viral clip of Jimmy Fallon and Emma Stone battling it out on The Tonight Show.

My rules will be the same. Each contestant sings a song of their choosing. Since this is an online battle, you are allowed props, costumes and the help of your family but no video or sound effects should be added. You are welcome to upload a clip or the entire song. If there are racy lyrics, please give a heads up in case any of us are watching with children. Winners will be decided by the number of YouTube thumbs up on their video. Thumbs down will not take anything away and Facebook likes or shares are not counted either. Contestants can enter up to two videos, and the total number of thumbs up will be tabulated at the end of next week…or whenever. I’m thinking one clip this week, and one next week in answer to everyone’s entries.

HAVE FUN! BE CREATIVE and shake the money-maker God gave you! My experience at Edel proved that women love a reason to cut loose and get a little crazy now and then. A lip synch battle is the perfect excuse to do just that.

When I did the rap at Edel, many women wondered how I managed to learn all the lyrics to Flo Rida’s Good Feelin’ and robot dance moves. “I practice in the kitchen while I make my dinner,” was my honest reply. I recorded my first entry while getting tonight’s dinner ingredients together. Just me, some meat and raw emotion. (Don’t worry, no keilbasa were harmed during the filming of this lip synch video.) While it’s a bit more over the top than my usual performances, let’s just say my kids were not surprised by any of my antics. Not. a. bit. (Although upon watching it, I’m surprised I don’t smile more while I’m cutting loose.) I’ve set the bar low with an easy song, simple dance moves, poor quality video and nothing but a slab of sausage. I expect stiff competition. Don’t let me down ladies.

Leave a link to your entry, either on YouTube or your blog, in the comments.


  1. I like the fluid robot and the Flashdance homage thrown in. Who could tell you were the high school mascot?

  2. After seeing this my husband has decided that I MUST participate in the insanity. I wasn’t able to go to Edel but I have quite the money maker to shake. Heaven help us all. I will have something up by Friday…if I don’t chicken out first. eeeek!

    1. I feel like I’ve helped hundreds of people with their 7th quick take if nothing else.

  3. you have a gift from God. also, thanks for improving the general state of the internet by about a thousand today.

  4. Oh. Em. Gosh. Best video of the day. Week. Month! I’m out of town and far away from any decent technology, but maybe I’ll join you next week? Hmm, now what song would be funny for a pregnant lady to sing?

  5. Once again, made me lol! And you know, you are really awesome at lip syncing and dancing! So so fun to watch! I def wanna link up and do it..I just have to find the right moment!

  6. My middle daughter (6yrs) watched the video with me. “Mommy, do you know that lady?”
    “Just through reading her blog.”
    “Is she making dinner?”
    “Is that sausage?”
    “This is how you dance in the car.”
    “I know.”
    “Cause Fritz and the Tantrums makes you *have* to dance, right Mommy?”
    “Mommy, is she Catholic like us?”
    “I could tell.”
    “She looks happy.”

      1. LOVE your daughter’s response, Virginia. Just the kind of astute observation I would expect from a middle child.

    1. I was thinking the same thing as your daughter! This is what heaven is like, I just know it. Dancing joyously and making people laugh.

  7. Question: does the whole thing have to be in one take (as yours is) or can it cut from scene to scene and room to room (i.e. needs some editing on iMovie to put it all together)?

    1. You can cut from scene to scene just no special effects, i.e. added fireworks, light saber noises, explosions, etc.

  8. I came back to see challengers and was sad until I realized I could watch you dance again, Kelly. And again. And again. And again! Thanks for bringing a little joy into our humdrum lives. Your hard work ain’t been in vain for nothin’. (I don’t know why the urge to bring Lina Lamont into this. I hope she’s welcome!)

  9. You soo made my day, Kelly!! You are the exact opposite of me. I revel in your goofiness!! Loved this so much!!

      1. Clearly I have not become an internet star because of my technical ineptness. I have tried to post a link and I keep getting the the embedded video instead.

        My channel is Laura Ancilla, the avatar is an elephant in a choo-choo train, and I only have two videos up. This one is in the Whimsy play list.

      2. Suzanne, if you click the little grey YouTube icon at the bottom right corner it will take you directly to YouTube where you can vote.

    1. Working the cups like a pro! Just FYI, this video is “unlisted” so I don’t know if people will have a hard time viewing it or not. You might want to change the settings to “Public”.

  10. That was hilarious Kelly. Thank you! If you or any future contestants are looking for a suggestion, I’d like to request a homeschooling mama doing a Britney Spears “Baby one more time” with uniform and all. My daughter and I did a Milli Vanilli lipsync rap with dreadlocks but there’s no way I’m making that public… except for… what was the prize? a million bucks?

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