Holy Week, Ain’t No Lie

I’m keeping an even lighter blogging schedule this week so I can focus on the important stuff for Holy Week, like trying to buy stuff for my kids’ Easter baskets without them seeing and without giving in to the temptation to eat some of it myself. Stay strong! It’s the home stretch!!!! 

I will leave you with some great links for this week and promise to come back to a full schedule after Sunday.

If you need help in the Easter basket department, Kendra’s got you covered.

We’ve been working on this Last Supper craft by Catholic Icing. Check out all her Holy Week Crafts here. 

And coloring pages!  All the holy coloring pages please.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 8.06.58 AM

I’d like to make another Paschal candle this year, and like Jessica, I’ve used Illuminated Ink kits in the past, however, I like her idea to make one from scratch or Our Domestic Church shows it can be done with paint. Worst case, we’ll be pressing Wiki Stix onto a dollar store pillar.

Otherwise, this week will find us at Mass more frequently, plus Stations of the Cross and Tenebrae services. All the religious pictures and statues in our house are covered with purple cloth, and on Friday, we try to observe as much silence as possible between 12 and 3 p.m.; the hours our Lord hung on the cross. (Yes, this is mostly impossible.) If I get ambitious, I might try this, put no promises, because it will probably make me curse under my breath more that appropriate. (Less frustrating is this post right back at Catholic Icing.)

Happy Holy Week!


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