The Homeschool Mom Capsule Wardrobe

Have you created a capsule wardrobe? What’s in your fall capsule? Have you encapsulated your life into 37 easy pieces??? You will magically look thinner, happier and have more style if you minimize your wardrobe to astronaut standards!!!

Or cosmonaut standards. Whatever. Check out this gal’s sweet orange jumpsuit. And look how well everything fits inside her capsule!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about (and I only partially understand it myself) swing over to the fashion blog Unfancy where Caroline’s 37 piece capsule wardrobe is blowing up the online world.

As a busy stay at home mom who’s also educating her children, fashion has never been a top priority for me. If I can shower, put on clean clothes and make up on Sunday for Mass, I feel pretty good about myself. But EVERYONE is doing a capsule wardrobe, so I thought maybe I could jump on this bandwagon and somehow take my closet staples from drab to fab.

SAHM Capsule Wardrobe (1)

The hardest part was finding 37 items as I usually wear only a handful of the same things. But I dragged my collection out the closet, off the floor and from the bottom of the hamper to show you the ultimate in fall homeschool mom fashion.



stained Old Navy sweatshirt / ratty tye dye shirt from high school / oversized mens shirt that’s supposed to just be a nightgown



brown Old Navy gauchos / brown fleece yoga pants from Eastern Mountain Sports

I wear gauchos like most people wear jeans. They’re so loose and comfortable and they adjusted easily to my pregnant and postpartum bod wonderfully for my last two pregnancies. They’re cool in the summer and layered with boots, warm in the fall. Sure they’re a bit worn and paint spattered, but no one really notices that right?? And I’m pretty sure you need at least one pair of yoga pants or they take away your SAHM card.



 target dress/ paul harris denim jumper

Here’s the dress I wear most Sundays. It’s so comfortable, I usually fall asleep in it and wear it most of Monday, complimented by large blobs of mascara under my eyes.  The denim jumper is reserved for special occasions during the week like playdates, library visits and doctor appointments.


brown house slippers

I don’t have this exact brand, but mine are very similar except just a bit more worn and covered with dog hair.



bathrobe from pottery barn

I got that robe as a gift when I was pregnant with Edie and it’s so warm, and has been with me through so much, I can’t bear ever parting with it, even though even an entire bottle of bleach can’t help it. I’d like to say, it just looks really bad due to lighting, or because it’s white and up against a white background, but no, it’s just that awful looking. Maybe I should be embarrassed ???

I didn’t add shopping links, but I can if there’s a demand. Let me know! Sure, most of these items are at least five or six years old, but they’re probably still in style and in stock somewhere!

And here I am modeling a typical outfit from my homeschool mom capsule. Slapping a hideous bathrobe over everything; that means I’ve totally nailed layering, right?


Just sliding that greasy hair behind the ear like a natural.


I concede that there may be room for improvement, even though this look has gotten me on the cover of a pretty awesome magazine. But, maybe this look doesn’t appeal to some women? Maybe the thought of dressing like this everyday while you stay at home with your large brood of children is not an encouragement to pick up this lifestyle? I do have some birthday gift cards…..

To be continued…


  1. Oh deary me Kelly! I’m going to have to sue you for some new clothes for myself, I’m choking on coffee all over my dressing gown here!

  2. You need accessories. You must have a “signature bag” around somewhere–maybe a reusable grocery bag that’s missing a handle?? Don’t leave the capsule incomplete!!!

  3. That robe rocks a certain style. Hmm…blood stain/coffee stain chic? Couldn’t tell from the largest moscolored area. Looks comfy, though. Ever thought of over dying it?

  4. I was reading this with a bad headache and felt ready to collapse but I laughed so hard by the time I finish reading it. Now I feel my headache is half gone – thank you for this best medicine!

  5. I’m currently wearing Old Navy maternity gauchos. And they have pockets, which makes them even more awesome. And I have to force myself to put them back into my “maternity” bin of clothes once a reasonable amount of post-partum time has passed…. Every time. So glad to know they’re a homeschool mom staple!

  6. Found on you fb through Carrots for Michaelmas. Please, let’s be BFFs. I love you, just the way you are. (Though I didn’t know any homeschoolers actually wore denim jumpers. I always hear people joking about them. But I’m sure you rock it, too!)

  7. Honestly this makes me feel so much better about my closet because we’re pretty much on the same page. Capsule wardrobe, ain’t nobody got time (or money) for that. Just gotta get me that denim dress though 😉

  8. The is the best. ever. I do honestly want the house slippers. And have secretly been thinking about a robe for Christmas…so I guess I’m well on my way to the perfect homeschool mama capsule! 😉 (<not joking about the slippers and robe)

  9. Ok this is definitely going in my top 3 favorite Kelly posts ever.

    And you’ve got me pegged with the brown house slippers…womp womp…

  10. So.True. I don’t own 37 pieces…but my yoga pant count is impressive. Three. That kinda fit, well ok, they fit before my last baby. But I make sure my butt is covered in public so you can’t see the material straining.

  11. Ok. You are hilarious… but the denim jumper is a joke, right? Right??

  12. If you still have that comfy robe, try soaking it for a couple of days in a mixture of about two gallons of water and two cups of bleach. I’ve managed to salvage one of my son’s favorite shirts twice doing that. And the pants? I have several of those. I love that I can sleep in them, exercise in them and “lounge” in them. Actually, I have still not figured out how to lounge.

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