{FF} I Get To Run In My Cow Sweater, and a few other things

I’ve run covered in dye, mud and lured by alcohol, but now, I face the greatest 5K of all;

1. The Ugly Sweater Run!

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 6.22.50 AM

Within five minutes of me spotting a half off coupon for the upcoming run in Philly, I was registered. So many of my favorite things rolled into one run; I might actually enjoy this 5K! They’re going to give me Angry Orchard Hard Cider afterwards!!! And while I’m not excited about getting my cow sweater sweaty, how awesome will I look sporting that and my snakeskin skirt??? Even Tony was excited for me…and by excited I mean not already dreading being home alone with all the kids.

That right there could count for all five of my favorites but I’ll see what else I can pull together for you.

2. National Novel Writing Month

I’m doing it! Opening my big mouth and committing to something I’m sure to fail at! Woot! I even signed up on the official NaNoWriMo website and they keep emailing me about it, and I’m like, “Who’s brilliant idea was this?? Do you know me? I couldn’t even blog for seven days straight.” And then I remember that this is voluntary and I try to get a little pumped up about finally taking care of  my #1  New Year’s resolution. I actually have two books in my head and they’re currently engaged in a cage match to see who will prevail. Will either see itself printed for the masses? Who knows, but until I make a book announcement, kindly assume I’m deep in negotiations with Random House.

3. If I didn’t already have one fundraiser going on:

Forget UNICEF, this Halloween why not save the beasts?

4. Pumpkin picking and carving!


“Hey kids, how about you pick the heaviest pumpkins with the thickest skin while you’re out there??”


Oh the joy of carving pumpkins, a.k.a. letting them scoop out the seeds while Tony and I hack away at the tough gourd flesh with tiny saws or huge butcher knives…neither of which work all that well.



Edie and Teddy painted their pumpkins while I hacked a storm trooper and a clone trooper from Fulton and Byron’s pumpkins. Tony did a spooky cemetery scene on Addie’s. Every year I think, “Now I understand why my parents always made my sister and I paint our pumpkins.” and yet, despite the threat of stabbing, we have always carved jack o’lanterns. I believe my kids feel they owe me the experience since I was denied this joy during my own childhood. And goody, goody, we still have a huge bowl of glop in the fridge we need to sift through, because ” we need to roast the seeds Mama!!”

While I prepare to extract, and not miss a single seed for fear of a tantrum, you may swing back to Jenny’s for the rest of the flashy fives. 


  1. Love the pumpkins! If it was up to me, we would paint them as well. But my husband insists and since he’s in charge of the carving, I let him go for it. The kids are in charge of seed removal and, I am always the one stuck rinsing and roasting the seeds.

  2. I tried to convince my 5yo that we should do the sweater run, but he is skeptical of all things remotely resembling dressing up (including but not limited to Tae Kwon Do, Halloween, All Saints’ Day, etc…). I signed up for NaNoWriMo, too. And I then proceeded to read a few books on writing a novel. And I THEN proceeded to bite off my fingernails to nubs. Because, golly, I can’t even plan my own life much less plan a novel. But here we go, gonna try.

  3. 2. I should totally do this, but I’m going to have a baby instead.
    3. Maybe I will do this instead. I would really love getting my kids to donate some of their hard earned money towards the care of our cockatrice.
    4. There are currently 10 pumpkins awaiting carving tonight on our front step. I always love the final results, but I do not relish the actual carving part (do it ASELF!)

  4. The pumpkin carving drama is hilarious!! I’ve been putting it off, because you know, the idea of 5 boys with relatively sharp objects all in one room together really makes me nervous. Have fun on the run!! I LOVE the ugly sweater theme – seriously, I would travel great distances to run in one of those races!

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