I’m Guest Posting Across the Internets

Afternoon readers! Just a heads up that today I’m guest posting at Svellerella about ‘Five Ways Being a Special Needs Mom Has Made Me A Better Person.’ 

#1 I’ve come to see there’s no such thing as a perfect child, except in that every child is perfect just as they’ve been created. I’ve stopped judging children in terms of what they can’t do, and instead learned to see their abilities. Every child has things he or she can’t do. You can spend your time focused on the fact your child can’t talk, walk or see or enjoy their ability to create, think and love unconditionally. I learned my love is not limited by a diagnosis, and neither is my sons’.

For the rest of the details, please click on through. Tomorrow, I’ll be back on my own site following up today’s post with another look at SMA parenthood. August is Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness month, and this year I’m bringing my A-game to the awareness front. (Beyond the usual awareness I spread just being out in public with five children, including two in power wheelchairs.) It’s the least I can do since there’s no way in hell I’m running a 5K for a good long while.

Now shoo! 

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