Incredible! Amazing! Fool Proof! Guaranteed To Work!

Has the title intrigued you? Have you come here seek a quick and easy answer to what ails you? Have you become so desperate that you’ve turned to the search bar on Pinterest to soothe your nerves? Was the claim just so bold and so ridiculous, you had to take the chance and read to find out for yourself??

Let me explain.

I love Pinterest. Love. It. But last night as I was scrolling through the sea of pictures crowding my feed I passed several absolutely ridiculous pins that my friends saw fit to save to their boards. I wondered why otherwise intelligent women were saving tips on “how to clean their skin with banana peels” or “designer toilet paper roll artwork”.

I’m pretty sure there is a conspiracy among some female bloggers to see who can do, write and pin the most outlandish pins and yet earn the most repins. What amazes me is that other Pinterest users actually see fit to save these pins to their own boards! In response, I’ve created several pins that I’ll be uploading to Pinterest just to spice up my followers feeds. I invite you to pick your favorite(s) and do the same. All will link back to this post. I’d like to think they’re like the Wierd Al Yankovic of pins.

If you actually followed my pin back here in search of some real advice, rather than just blindly saving it to one of your boards, I’m sorry. Consider this your intervention.

Wow! I wouldn’t have believed it but my stats are through the roof! And it didn’t take any time at all! Now to monetize!

I’m sorry to break it to you, but if you have an ugly layout, poor grammar, boring content and horrible pictures, there’s nothing Pinterest can do for you.

I thought we’d have to wait to high school to tackle this stuff but the kids are begging to keep reading! My son fell asleep reading #12 last night!

Finally a booklist I can actually use and will check frequently through out the school year! …said no mom ever.

So many great ideas! I never would have given grout to my four year old before reading this, but the results speak for themselves!!! Great fine motor activity!

Preschoolers don’t need crafts. Why anyone would want to torture themselves this way is beyond me. Toss some playdough and popsicle sticks at them and they’ll be content for at least thirty minutes.

My husband can’t believe how smooth my feet are! I’ll be rocking the flip flops this summer! And the shells were so easy to clean out of my boots; no one suspected my secret!

I seriously did not even know the lengths some women would go through to get their feet smooth. Am I the only one with ugly feet on the planet?

So easy! Why did I not think of this before! #revolutionizedmybathroom

Seem like common sense??? Better make a pin and share it on Pinterest just to be sure, because there might be one or two people that need this!!!!

What surprising pins show up in your feed?

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  1. Darn it…I saw the toilet paper one and was expecting a super easy, super quick, fun tutotial on crocheting a ballerina-shaped toilet paper cover out of dental floss so you can attractively “hide” the toilet paper roll and always have plenty of dental floss right at your fingertips.

    1. I guess I am lame since we put our “extra” roll under the counter instead of on the toilet. ha! but the dental floss……brilliant!!

  2. Yeeees. I actually had to take a break from Pinterest, because between my friends pinning “thinspiration” and “inspirational” quotes I wanted to throw something at my computer every time I looked at it.

    1. HA! I’ve never heard of ‘thinspiration’ but I know what you mean. I quickly unfollow all health & wellness / exercise/ dieting boards my friends have for that same reason.

  3. This made my heart happy. I’m so sick of the “1 million and 1 crafts to easily entertain your infant/toddler/preschooler using only these household items you don’t actually have and really shouldn’t give to a child” pins! And ugh, all the “thinspiration” also makes me want to throw things. Oh! And the “there’s no way anyone’s house ever looks this good but I’m going to pin it and pretend I actually build/organize/decorate this way in real life” pins. Maybe I should just quit Pinterest….

  4. Your creativity astounds me. I’m serious about that. We never know what to expect here, which is incredible and amazing and guaranteed to keep us coming back….

  5. Ha! I thought the egg shells thing was real. I thought, “wow, clearly my feet are much farther down on my priority list than Kelly’s are on hers.. .. am I slovenly or something?”

  6. Pinterest is fabulous, but definitely can get ridiculous at times. I always, always edit the descriptions before I repin. No exclamation points or “so easy” allowed!!

  7. Haha! I love using Pinterest but yes, sometimes I just laugh at the things people pin…or at the attempts of bloggers to have every. single. post. pin-worthy. Have you read this? Not talking about Pinterest specifically but this post reminds me of it anyway:

    And I’m laughing at the “full proof” in the title…was that intentional or has it been a long day? 😉

    1. That is what happens when you start writing before the sun comes up and before coffee. Thank you for kindly pointing that out. *This* is why I’m not qualified to give blogging / writing advice.

  8. Speaking as someone who is dealing with a pedicure-related injury, the eggshells might be slightly more pleasant than having the callouses removed with a Dremel.

  9. My sister and I were recently discussing this very same thing — bloggers inventing ridiculous, common sense pins, simply for clicks to their blogs. Me, ever being the smart aleck, said, “I bet there’s even one telling us how to properly blow our noses.”
    There is.

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