I’ve Won Five Prominent Catholic Blog Awards! …in my dreams

I am so stoked because last night Bonnie posted she’s going to host a Catholic Blog awards thingy. Now, being the new girl on the block, I don’t expect to have a shot in most of the categories, but there are a few I’m pretty sure I’ve got locked up tighter than San Quentin. (And I’m not going to accuse Bonnie of favoritism if I clean up either; just because we both have special little Fulton’s, it doesn’t mean she’d do anything to rig the contest in my favor, right? wink, wink, nudge, nudge…) Anyway, it would probably be better if Bonnie didn’t include the following categories as the scales are just tipped so obviously in my favor.

“Blog Featuring the Most Hideous Household Items” 

“Blogger Most Likely To Smash Herself With a Sledgehammer”

“Blogger Whose Children Lead the Way in Fashion

“Blogger Who Posts the Least Comments and Yet Still Gets Way Too Many Awesome Comments On Her Blog” -seriously, this is my public apology. Why are my readers so nice to me?

“Blog Featuring the Best/Worst Modified Public Domain Photos

Don’t feel bad. I know many of you are a close second in several of these categories. You’ll get your recognition when nominations open tomorrow. Don’t forget to stop by A Knotted Life and spread the Catholic blogger love!

**UPDATED: Bonnie’s got the nomination form up! Be sure to submit it before Sunday; voting will begin on Monday.***

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  1. oh my gosh, you are so funny! I am still working on the nomination form, maybe I can steal one of your categories. In fact, I think I might…

    1. You’re going to use the sledgehammer category right? If it spawns a slew of knock off Gallagher videos it will be soooo worth it. A Facebook friend also suggested a “Best 2013 Logo” category.Pretty sure I’d have that cinched up too.

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