Last Day of School!

It’s the last day of school, and I hope that means I regain a few hours (minutes??) of time for writing during the day over the next few months. These Takes are late, and short, but hopefully things improve in the coming weeks.

This week had some nice, hot days which meant we could finally try out our new pool (affiliate link). It’s a step above an inflatable kiddie pool, but not so big we need a permit, ladder, or huge pump. It’s just big enough for a few of us to cool off in at a time. This is why we didn’t do all those other fun end of the year activities. Nobody, including me, minded.

“Push me into Fulton!” “Push me into Teddy!” x100 Guess who needs a nap the most after this?

The younger two and I finished watching Julius Caesar, and also watched Disney’s Peter Pan after finishing up the original on audio book. We finished up our literature books, and got a fresh round of “fun” books at the library. I even got a massage to celebrate the conclusion of another year. (A practice I highly recommend.) Admittedly, my high schoolers have a few things to finish for me, but thankfully, completing those assignments is on them and I don’t mind waiting a bit. I still have lots of grading to catch up on, and transcripts to update, but that can get put on the back burner for a little while longer. Most school districts around here are wrapping up next week so I’m technically ahead of the game…at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

I have lot of unrealistic plans for how I want to spend my summer. Cleaning out and reorganizing some parts of the house, writing more for the blog and Accepting the Gift, hopefully I make it to round 3 of the OSV Challenge and get to work on that, and of course I’ll need a week or so to plan school for next year. Eleven weeks of summer break hardly seems like enough time.

One other new addition is a ceiling mounted Hoyer lift system in Fulton and Teddy’s bedroom. It makes lifting and transferring them a million time easier. Fulton’s nurses are just as giddy as I am. Right now, there’s a lot of novelty for the boys to sit in the Hoyer sling and move all over the room, including into their brother’s bed or wheelchair, or glide through the room and while trying to kick their legs into someone. There will also be much less swearing on my part as I no longer need to struggle with the manual Hoyer lift. We’re still keeping it in the garage since I assume this new lift will eventually break like everything else we rely on, which will result in lots of swearing from me, but until then, we’re all on a Hoyer honeymoon high.

Here’s Fulton threatening to lay down in Teddy’s bed. Teddy is threatening to squish Fulton by raising the head and foot of his bed. I’m glad we have new things to argue about.

That’s all for this week!! Thanks as always for your patience. The link up is open all week, so feel free to drop in a late post yourself at anytime. Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts!

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