Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I’m writing this late on Christmas Eve into Christmas Day. This peaceful time before sleep, and a fun, yet crazy morning, is my favorite.

The gifts and stockings are all laid out, and I’m on a high from lighting the candles on our tree and singing carols as a family. I managed to wrap all the presents earlier in the week, thanks to my in-laws being here, so before blogging I prepped food for tomorrow and, I think, ruined the chestnuts I attempted to roast for my first batch of chestnut stuffing.

Earlier today we watched the original Star Wars Holiday Special from 1979 and it was just as awful as we’d heard, if not much, much worse. Instead of cooking up seven fishes, we picked up a sushi platter, boiled some crab legs, and even baked a few fish sticks…close enough to your traditional Italian feast! Typically we spend Christmas Eve with friends, but that was not to be this year. Midnight Mass is also out for those of us who attend as it’s just too many people, even socially distanced and masked, for us to feel comfortable. We usually attend Christmas Day mass as a family anyway and it’s never crowded, so we will stick with that tradition. And maybe even take a family photo; but no promises.

I hope your Christmas is off to a good start. I often get asked, after all the Advent traditions, how does one “celebrate” Christmas for 12 whole days?? Well, I wrote about that HERE, but I will also (try really hard!) to post everyday on Instagram one thing you can do as a family each day of Christmas to continue celebrating, even as the radio stations switch back to pop music and your neighbors take down their lights. Join me won’t you? Next newsletter goes out first thing Monday morning if you’re interested in following me there vs on some social thingy with their weird terms and whatnot.

Share your Christmas photos/ social media posts/ blog posts- whatever! below, and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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