Moms Night Out – Seven Quick Takes

I am so tired, but having promised my friends I’d write something ‘hilarious’ about our crazy homeschool mom antics, here are my Quick Takes for the Week; Seven highlights from the monthly Catholic homeschool moms social. If they aren’t funny to you, then you probably weren’t there.

1. Winking at the old guy in the liquor store as I purchased a fresh box of wine.  Yessirebob, you cannot even comprehend the craziness and debauchery that is about to ensue. Don’t let the big van fool you; I am a wild woman.

2. Learning about the connection between leprosy and armadillos. Whatever you do, if someone offers you armadillo meat-don’t eat it!

3. One mom insisted that cutting out on her mother-in-law’s birthday celebration to make the social didn’t upset her mother-in-law. Coolest. mother-in-law. ever. Either that, or my friend is totally kidding herself. If she finds herself written out of the will, I think we will all know why.

4. Explaining how to hide old art school friends on your Facebook feed because you’re tired of seeing their Occupy photos.

5. Chasing away eavesdropping children with a spray bottle usually reserved for the cat.

6. Everyone is in sweats or stained clothes and no one cares. It’s truly the one place I can go and expect a great time without worrying how I look. In fact, if I did my hair or makeup, no one would probably recognize me.

7. Dropping off a friend and her newborn at 12am and hearing her say she forgot her key, she’ll have to ring the doorbell and have her husband let her in.


I hope you ladies are happy, that is, if you’re awake and functioning at this hour. I know I’m going for my second cup of coffee.

Did I forget any thing memorable?


  1. LOL ~ memorable to the last, i see!! never a dull moment … love hanging out with you ladies, and Kel, i especially agree with #6!! off to the Washington Shrine for more debauchery and promiscuity!! WOO-HOOOO!!!

  2. Sorry I missed it! After the last social, Joe dead bolted the door and I don’t have a key to the dead bolt. He went to bed, with earplugs in (his usual) and I stood outside at 1 am throwing a soccer ball at our upstairs window for about 20 minutes to wake him up. I actually got pretty good at throwing the ball and hitting the window. My arm was sore the next morning, but at least he let me and the 6 week old baby into the house! Oh, and it was February.

  3. Sorry I missed it! I’m trying to guess who everyone is… Where can I find the answer key? There IS an answer key isn’t there? There BETTER be an answer key!

  4. Wild and Crazy!! WOOT WOOT! You guys are the best, and this was just what I needed last night-!

  5. awww mannnn!! so sorry i missed the social this month! im definitely making the next one!!

  6. Sorry I missed it again. – was grocery shopping with my dad cuz we are having 14 people sleep at house tonight! Try to make it next time!

  7. I love the socials! sorry to have missed this one. Loved the way we did them at various houses last year too. Or was that the year before? It is so nice to visit with all of you.Miss you all when I deprive myself of seeing you!

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