{monthly goals} How Is It Already September?

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monthly goals

So here I am a week into September and I figured I should probably set some goals for this crazy month. First a recap of last month’s goals with some thoughts.

Finish detailed lesson plans for the first trimester of the 2015-16 school year. YES! Praise the Lord I finished my lesson plans at the beginning of the month so I actually had a couple of weeks before we started that I wasn’t worrying about school. We only completed one week of school before taking a week off to visit family in the Midwest, so its too soon to tell how well I actually planned. For details on how I write my own lesson plans visit part 1 and part 2. A detailed listing of all our materials will be up later this week, honest!

Sort and condense old school work. Completed! I actually had two years worth of work to condense. Not quite sure how that happened, but I saw THIS pin on Pinterest and moved everyone’s work to their own crate with hanging folders. It’s SO MUCH BETTER and the crates allow enough room that I think I’ll finally be able to sort through some old boxes of pre-school artwork I haven’t been able to part with, and store the very best pieces in each child’s crate.

Outline and start writing a book proposal. AND Practice one, ten to fifteen minute talk. Nope. I assumed that being off school would yield me oodles of free time but surprisingly that didn’t happen. I don’t know if I just have poor time management skills or are lazy or what but I just can’t seem to get to all the side projects I want to tackle. I was feeling really discouraged about it until this past week when I finally did start researching saints for my book proposal. Perhaps working on speaking AND a book AND a blog is too much all at once. I just can’t figure out what to let go of first.

I recently read Laura Vanderkam’s book ‘168 Hours You Have More Time Than You Think’ and found it interesting enough to pick up her more recent book, ‘I Know How She Does It’, mostly to see if it could help me figure out how to do it all (and partly because I feel like I’m losing my mind around here.)

On one hand, it makes me feel like I should be able to care for my kids, school them, blog, write a book, speak weekly and in general, DO ALL THE THINGS, but on the other it makes me feel a bit foolish for preferring to stay home and take on all these responsibilities myself when, she repeatedly argues, it’s possible for me to work 40+ hours a week, have hobbies, hire help and still spend plenty of time with my children. It’s probably just my interpretation, but I don’t think she views women like me as successful and I happen to think that my life is very successful despite not earning $100,000 a year (or accomplishing all my side projects.) My lifestyle affords me benefits not measured by a salary.  So anyway, I’ve gained some useful information, but it’s despite the fact that this book makes me feel like a defensive slacker (and still half crazed.)

Moving along from that tangent…

 Follow up with agency on resources. Yes. Fulton’s case manager has been very helpful and although it’s a slow process, we’ve made great process in the last few weeks.

Sort photos. No. This goal might have to fall off the radar for a bit, short of just dumping everything on our hard drive and my old iPod into the cloud somewhere

Re-establish daily habits…sort of. The week we were on school I kept up with my daily habits, but other weeks, like when we were out-of-town, I couldn’t remember anything. Heck, I forget to take my medication if I don’t follow my usual morning routine. In that way, going back to school will be beneficial to all of us. Even the kids, who got a longer than usual summer break this year, didn’t complain about starting back up.

As for September’s goals, I’m not sure how ambitious I want to be. In addition to restarting school and fall activities, we have plans every weekend this month including the Pope’s visit. While we’re not going to take the family into Philadelphia I did score a press pass so I’m hoping to travel solo to some of The World Meeting of the Family events, chat with some Catholics in high places and maybe catch a glimpse of the Pope on my 37th birthday. I’ll keep y’all posted.

(There’s also the fact that Addie will turn 13 this month and wants to host a sleepover.)

I guess for September I just want to focus on the everyday grind, and on getting back into a good groove while not rushing towards burnout.

In that vein,

Establish good (but not stressful) daily and weekly routines for myself and family. This includes blogging three times a week and remembering to comment, email and share more socially on a regular basis. (Good grief, it’s sounds like my life is constipated and it needs an enema or something.)

Stop comparing myself to other people who seem to get everything done all the time. Not accomplishing my own goals often leads me to become envious of others. Something to root out this month.

Work three hours on the book proposal.

Demand kids finalize their Halloween costume selections and gather supplies. (This is really a big deal in our house.)

How is your fall shaping up? Are you relieved to return to normalcy or is the fall routine kicking your butt? How do your goals for this time of year differ from other seasons? Comment below and the new and improved September Kelly is sure to get back to you lickety split.

6 Replies to “{monthly goals} How Is It Already September?”

  1. Hey! I don’t know if you already know this (sorry if it’s like a broken record!) but your blog still shows up in my feed reader under the name the hackers changed it to. (Characters in a different language.) I can’t remember where exactly you change that title, but hopefully it’s not too hard.

    1. Thanks! Yes I know! I had additional problems today with my RSS Feed so obviously something is still wrong. Hopefully I can get to the bottom of it!

  2. Really interested in those Vanderkam books. I am constantly perplexed by people who are doing it all, and by all I mean house in reasonable order, dinner prepared, and showered at the end of the day. Barest of minimums around here. Would love to add in side hobbies but then when would sleep happen? Your stop comparing self goal may be a good one to adopt…

    1. Remember those elves that made the shoes while the cobbler slept? Yeah, pretty sure some women have those, except they do all the mundane housework. Why won’t anyone tell me where I can hire elves?!?!

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