{monthly goals} Planning to be a Hot Mess for August

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Monthly goals time! The great social experiment of my year! Need a reminder of why I’m publishing my goals? CLICK.

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Here we are in August already with fall craziness just over the horizon. Stop breathing down my neck September!

Did I meet my goals during the frantic month of July? Older goals I thought I’d made a habit of, like a morning rosary  or blogging three time a week, took a hit, so it’ll be no surprise things didn’t quite go according to plan. Especially since I never wrote my goals down in my planner like a said I would. [facepalm] Goals in bold; thoughts following.

Make a note of one thing to be grateful for each day. You know, having this as a goal just doesn’t work for me. I don’t know why but getting a reminder to be grateful is annoying. Pretty sure this makes me some kind of bad person. Usually at night, I mentally rehash all the good things in my day and life and thank God for them. I wish I could take on a more positive attitude during a rough day by focusing on what I’m grateful for, but it doesn’t work that way for me, at least not without a ton of work on my part and since I already feel like I am grateful (at least in hindsight), it’s not a goal I want to pursue.

Be mindful of all the stuff I do accomplish. I did get stuff done, but it’s hard to remember specifics. Again, I think this goal may be too general to be of benefit to me. I guess if I say, well, we had fun at the beach, visited with family, the kids got to camp, etc., I’m mindful of my accomplishments. Go me!…I guess??

Keep track of my time better and make sure I’m fully present for the task at hand. I didn’t keep track of my time at all, though I was fully present for most of the family activities we did. Limited wi-fi kept me off my iPod during most trips.

Finish sorting photos. Nope. 

Get all the “To Donate” items out of my house. Yes! Would still like to clean some more stuff out of the basement, but all the boxes and bags are gone!

Continue looking for caregivers. Filled out some paperwork for a local agency to help connect us with resources.

Finish big project. Yes. The “big project” I was writing about? My Edel talk. I didn’t want to reveal that early on lest you all be horrified at how I was working on this major talk up until the last minute. In general, I’ve learned a lot about public speaking in the last few months, namely that I had no idea what I was doing. I have no problem standing in front of people and so I gladly jumped on the speaking bandwagon thinking that it would be a piece of cake. However, I approached giving a talk in completely the wrong way. I wrote out everything and then tried to memorize it like an actor learning a script. Newsflash: when you’re still writing your 10+ page talk the week before your event, it’s impossible to memorize and seamlessly deliver that talk. Although my Edel talk was well received, it wasn’t until afterwards that I started really asking other speakers how they write and prepare to give talks. And no wonder I was having such a hard time! I was basically trying to become a speaker in the hardest way possible. #lessonlearned

So for this month I’m focusing on specific goals. If I want to incorporate more virtuous goals, I need to have concrete means for doing so.

Finish detailed lesson plans for first trimester of the 2015-16 school year. I’m looking to incorporate the growth mindset into our homeschool for the year. I found Carol Dweck’s book to be absolutely fascinating (my whole family is already sick to death of me talking about it) and while I don’t expect my kids to enroll in Harvard next fall, I  hope a growth mindset encourages a more positive year of learning for us all. (Yes, I’m hoping this will be the magic pill that makes everything fall into place and does away with all complaints. I’ll let you know how it goes.)

Sort and condense old school work. 

Outline and start writing book proposal. I was approached with a great idea by an editor so once lesson plans are finished, I want to buckle down and dedicate Saturdays to this next big project.

Practice one, ten to fifteen minute talk. By practicing and memorizing several key points I hope to become a more natural and relaxed speaker who can pull together a talk without ten pages of notes and the feeling of wanting to vomit before and after each event. (If you have any ideas for topics you’d like to hear me talk about, drop a hot comment. I’m seriously considering video recording myself  for assessment and feedback.)

Follow up with agency on resources. 

Sort photos. I really want to get this done, but I forsee school planning and organizing taking up the bulk of my time.

I sort of want to get back into some of my original daily habits, however, SUMMER, so I don’t know if it’s realistic to stick to a strict schedule when I know we’re only a blink away from another spontaneous activity. I’ll just let the transition back to school be as painful as possible.

Do you have a summer schedule or goals, or does everything slip by the wayside during the lazy days of summer? What pop psychology book do I need to read next and obsess over? How can a person set concrete goals to become better in abstract ways?

7 Replies to “{monthly goals} Planning to be a Hot Mess for August”

  1. I loved your talk at Edel. Your statements about choosing joy and imagining the effect it would have on our children really stuck with me. Please write more about choosing joy! I would also love to hear more about coping with raising children with special needs as I have one myself.

  2. I don’t know why I find it So inspiring to ready your goals, but indeed, I do.
    * why not prepare a shot talk about the book you mentioned that inspired you so much? I’d be interested in hearing it.
    * About the grateful thing. . . One thing I have found annoyingly helpful is in the midst of whatever is going on (broke cup the same day I bought it, diaper blowout, whatever) just audibly say, “thank you, Jesus”. I’m still working on it not being sarcastic some of the time, but it draws my attention to being thankful in all things, and his presence in that moment.

  3. I love reading about other people’s goals, too! Maybe its because it helps me to get a better handle on the fact that I’ve got stuff I want/need to focus on?

    Thanks for the kick in the arse. I’ve got some goals to put on paper 😉

  4. I actually use your planner to list all the things I do during the day, because I felt the same way you do–like I wasn’t getting things done. I have the growing to-do list, but what about what I’ve done, right? So I started listing things in each daily block, and I find it very helpful!

  5. I get why the reminders to be grateful are annoying. I think I’d throw something if I got a reminder to be grateful in the middle of babies-crying-milk-spilling-big-kids-fighting-figure-out-what’s-for-dinner-right-now! Maybe just include in your morning and evening prayers a request for the grace of gratitude. I think God gives us little moments of clarity when we ask for them, of the grace to truly see His blessings and the impulse to be grateful for them. I don’t think that can be forced.

  6. Hi Kelly, like you need another thing to add to your plate, but I REALLY want to recommend the Toastmasters International organization. They help with public speaking, offer feedback, and it’s a comfortable atmosphere! One hour or an hour and a half weekly for meetings and you’ll grow in confidence, skill & content in your speaking. Just a suggestion. Thanks for your honesty in your blogging. It helps so many.

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