{SQT} Waitin’ On The Holy Ghost

Seven Quick Takes

Byron gets confirmed tonight! We’re having family back to the house for dinner! My in-laws are staying at our house! All my waking hours have been spent cleaning….and running out to buy a dark suit and red tie at the last-minute. Enjoy posts from some betters. Can I recommend a few of my favorites who […]


My Husband and I Are Still Madly In Love And Happily Married After More Than 16 Years

Seven Quick Takes

Friday the 13th is a lucky day this month since it happens to be our 16th wedding anniversary. In general, I tend to think of 13 as a lucky number just because of my anniversary (and Fatima….totally also the Fatima apparitions). People keep asking me if we’re doing something “special” and I’m like, maybe??? Applebee’s does […]


{SQT} Slacking

Seven Quick Takes

Even in Jersey, we are officially back to school. My older three started last week while Fulton started this week on Wednesday. Teddy starts back tomorrow (after missing the first day due to Spinraza doses today.) I snapped a few shots of the teens and tween (while yelling constantly that this was to be A NICE […]